Theme Park Bound? What To Know Before You Go

Many people love to visit theme parks. It can be a fun trip for the whole family, especially those with young children. Unfortunately, many people do not prepare properly for the visit, nor do they consider the potential for injuries that can change a fun trip to tragedy. Taking your kids to a theme park can be physically, financially and emotionally draining, so before you go, here are some tips to help make your trip more safe and enjoyable.

Check Ride Restrictions

An important thing to check before you visit a theme park is the height and weight restrictions for the rides. A lot of rides at theme parks can be dangerous and these restrictions are meant to keep riders as safe as possible. Our Miami personal injury lawyer points out that following the guidelines for certain rides is imperative if you want to keep your family safe on your day at the park. Do not let your children board any rides if they don’t meet the age, weight or height guidelines.

Check Out the History of Your Choice Rides

There are bound to be certain high-profile rides that catch your attention when you go to the theme park; however, you should research the history of the ride to see if it has had an accident in the past. In many cases, if a specific ride has a malfunction at one location; it is likely to have similar problems at another theme park. While the theme park managers should have the safety of their rides at the forefront of their minds, it is important for you to avoid any rides that have this kind of a history.

Be Aware of the Hidden Dangers

roller coastersWhen most people imagine accidents at theme parks they think of roller coasters (and passengers) suspended upside down or a twirling ride falling off its wheels. However, more sedate rides, such as water slides and bumper boats, can also be a culprit for injury. In the past, water slides have been known to collapse and it is easy for a rowdy child to fall out of a bumper boat and into the water. While the theme park is usually liable for injuries sustained like this, it is critical that if you and your child are venturing onto water rides then your child should know how to swim.

Keep An Eye on Your Child (And Others)

When you bring your kids to a theme park, it is essential that you keep them with you at all times. It is very easy for a child to get lost when there are a lot of people around. Make sure that your children know they are not allowed to wander off alone. You should also be aware of the hazards created by others, such as spilled food and drinks, and larger, rowdy families. If you have problems with another family or see a child without a guardian, be sure and report this to a park agent.

Research and Prepare for Accidents

The most important thing to remember before you visit a theme park is that accidents can and do happen, either through mechanical malfunction or park negligence. Before you go, check online and in the news to see if there were any major accidents occurring recently at the park of your choice. Knowing this can help you prepare better and be more safe.

Theme parks can be fun but also potentially dangerous. It pays to be mentally and emotionally prepared for whatever happens. If you or a family member incur an injury while you are visiting a theme park, you should know that you have rights. Contacting a personal injury attorney is important to pursuing any litigation options that might be available to you.

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Guest Author : Sarah Bishop is a freelance writer and theme park lover who contributes this article for the Miami personal injury lawyer team at Steinger, Iscoe & Greene. Located in theme park-laden Florida, Steinger, Iscoe & Greene are uniquely qualified to help with litigation if you or your loved ones are injured at one of these locations.
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