Top 10 Cities to Visit for Architectural Buildings

Barcelona, Spain


Architects from around the world rush to the city to visit to view the Barcelona’s modern architecture and a list of the modern buildings. Gaudi’s design is not always visible in the style of modern architecture. It is often seen in the use of colour and imagination. The architecture in Barcelona is Bold, brash, colourful, distinctive, harmonious and varied. It has successfully blended the old and the new. This makes the city simply breathtakingly beautiful.

Charleston, S.C.

Charleston is a traditional and historical architecture centre. It is a national Historic Landmark and has over 2,800 historic buildings. This included homes to cobblestone streets. The well-preserved Charleston architecture shows the town’s rich history. It was founded in 1670 as Charles Town on the west bank of the Ashley River. It is the oldest city in South Carolina. Charleston is exemplary of its progression through time with eight different architectural styles.

Paris, France

Paris, France, is an unusually coherent architectural abode. Paris’ modern buildings have developed gradually. This includes palaces and mansions of the Paris city. They have survived by transforming into apartments and shops. Paris has millennium of building from the earliest Medieval period through the most contemporary constructions.

Rome, Italy

Rome is the home to several of the most famous architectural structures in the world. The Colosseum sits at the top of the most famous buildings. Roman architecture designs such as the arch, the dome and the vaulted ceiling are adapted by many cultures. Rome was the centre of architectural innovation.

Los Angeles, Calif.

Los Angeles buildings are a rarity to see and different from each other. There is an unusual variety in the designs. The sun-kissed beautiful places, the warm weather, surreally blue skies bless the city year-round. This has also attracted a number of brilliant eccentrics and dreamers.


Miami is a regional style of architecture that developed in South Florida during the post-war period. “Art Deco District” of Miami has one of the biggest collections of 1920’s and 1930’s art deco structures in the world. The buildings are covered with bright, pastel colours, glass blocks, porthole windows


Chicago features a collection of truly unique buildings in a variety of styles. The buildings are from the world’s most famous architects. Chicago has long been a laboratory for architectural innovation and experimentation. Chicago is also very well known for its commitment to public outdoor art. These works include luminaries as Chagall, Picasso and Miro.

Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Dubai’s transformation from fishing village to global business hub has impressed the world Dubai is known for its innovation, sheer speed and dynamism. The progress emirate’s architecture is baffling. Use the Dubai holidays planner free applications to plan your vacation to view the architecture. You can also use various vacation planner to search through the vacation destinations

St. Petersburg, Russia: Rococo

Rococo has elements such as think curves, pale colours, and secular, light-hearted themes. The style made its way across Europe. It found favour with the female rulers in St. Petersburg. The buildings have dynamic lines, use of materials like concrete and glass.

Istanbul, Turkey:

Istanbul is a historic crossroads of culture and design. The Architecture of Istanbul describes a large mixture of architectural designs.

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