A Travel Blogger Account of a Trip to Sydney, Australia

Travel Blogger Ryan documents his account of a trip to Sydney, Australia.

One of the beautiful cities in the world, Sydney has always been on top of every travelers must visit list. Sydney tour has been the best tour ever in my life. I am with my 3 friends.

We left early in the morning on the first day from Brisbane to Sydney. When we got there, I was really amazed because I had no idea how different it would be from Brisbane.

Sydney reminded me of New York City. Sydney was busy, flamboyant, and crammed with people that were mostly tourists. Sydney was looking like home and it was definitely a must-visit.

A panoramic view of Sydney Harbour and the surrounding area.

A panoramic view of Sydney Harbour and the surrounding area.

We first walked around for a bit in the division where our hostel was. Then we hired a rent a car as we wanted to see Sydney in the comfort of our own car, without reeking buses and trains. The place that we were said to pick up the car from is situated at 700 Foster Road, Hurstville; we took off from Hurstville train station. Our Sydney break was utterly perfect and we were so lucky with the way that everything elaborated.

With the car, we went to Sydney Harbor and dropped the car off there. Then we walked around for the day. There were sellers everywhere that only set up on the day we were there, Friday. The Sydney Opera House was amazing to see up close and personal. I took a lot of pictures of Opera House and with my friends. Then we went up the Harbor Bridge to get a better view and there were even more spectacular sights of the city up there.

The Opera House is even serener up close. The architecture is so bizarre and I have never seen anything like it. Outside the Opera House and on the water is the Opera Bar. It was busy with great people that went out for fabulous drinks. We bought beers and watched the good-looking sunset over the skyline. That night we went out to King’s Cross to explore the night life. We thought it would be a good place to try because that’s where the cast of MTV’s Real World Sydney lived.

On our second day, we again hired a car from car rental Sydney and went outside to explore. It was beautiful and sunny. We did both the city tour which took 80 minutes and the Bondi tour which was took us about 25 minutes to get to and then we stayed there for a couple of hours and took our lunch.

Bondi Beach looks so marvelous and beautiful but not what I predicted at all. Then we got a ferry over to Manley to visit Taronga Zoo. From the zoo, you had abundant views of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge as well as the Ocean all around. Then after, we went to the Power House which is a hand on museum to explore.

A great view of Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.

A great view of Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.

We like the atmosphere in Sydney and find everyone helpful and Cheery. Car Rental in Sydney helped us a lot to explore hassle-free. I kept thanking may stars for having a car to go around.


Image Source: Altered Lens and jimmyharris.


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