5 New and Under-The-Radar Travel Destinations For 2017

Planning a trip for 2017? Are you tired of the same destinations year after year? Well then, maybe it’s time to switch things up. For this year you might want to consider an off-the-beaten-path trip. The world is packed with amazing countries and cities that very few people know about. Some just don’t want to hear about them; others are simply afraid to make a change and try something new. Make 2017 count and check out 5 of the most amazing under-the-radar travel destinations.

Goa, India

Goa, India

It’s easy to confuse the blue waters, golden beaches, and luscious palm trees of Goa with Thailand and the Philippines. However, from up-close you’ll see that there’s a lot more to Goa than meets the eye. There’s a deep, vibrant sense of spirituality all around the state that can’t be felt anywhere else in this world. The colonial architecture, tropical spice plantations, and hospitality of the people are unparalleled. Explore Palolem and Baga beaches, and relish in quietness of the Arabian Sea, or head over to Agonda village and benefit from complete isolation in a setting that seems out of this world.

Dominica, The Caribbean


Dominica has nothing to do with the Dominican Republic, although we get the confusion. This little island is part of the Caribbean, and it’s a secluded place for couples and honeymooners that care about their privacy. Dominica is wild, unspoiled, and untamed by urbanism. What we love most about the island is that the natural surroundings are abundant. As for attractions, travelers will have lots of natural Sulphur springs, volcanoes, rainforests, hidden pools, and waterfalls to admire and explore. Nicknamed the Caribbean’s “nature island”, Dominica has a unique allure that adventure travelers will absolutely adore.

Cape Town, South Africa

What’s not to like about South Africa? The powdery beaches, the lions framed beautifully against the Kalahari dunes, the lush mountains, and the country’s culture should convince you to explore its territories at least once in a lifetime. The ever-changing scenery, warm weather, and wildlife make all South African cities worth a visit. Start with iconic Table Mountain in Cape Town, and try out a memorable trek to the plateau. For some more adventure, how about bungee jumping from Garden Route Bridge? In terms of wildlife, South Africa packs several extraordinary safari destinations. Kruger National Park is a must see. You’ll have a unique chance to get up-close with fascinating elephants, rhinos, buffalos and lions.

KohLipe, Thailand

KohLipe, Thailand

KohLipe Island can only be accessed by boat. It is one of Thailand’s most spectacular islands, although very few know about its existence. Located in the Andaman Sea, KohLipe is surrounded by pristine coral reefs and crystal clear waters. About 25% of the world’s tropical species of fish swim in the waters around the island. The beaches are sublime, and even though some are deserted, travelers seeking for peace and tranquility will love it. Detached from the rest of Thailand, KohLipe is the place to be if you want to run from the world and benefit from complete seclusion.

Moshi, Tanzania

Moshi is the capital city of the Kilimanjaro region in Africa. Located at the foot of the mountain, Moshi is splendid inside out. If you’re looking for an off-the-beat travel destination, this is it. The Asian and African influences are all over the place. You can explore hiking or enjoy the best safari in Tanzania. As a major coffee growing region, it goes without saying that you’ll probably taste the best coffee of your life in Moshi, so why not give it a shot? Most people that visit Moshi are adventurers with a single goal – to climb Kilimanjaro. But there are lots of activities you can try out that are not that challenging.

Traveling the world is a dream come true for many people with resolutions and ambitions to explore places nobody else has had the chance to see yet. Forget Europe for this 2017, and try countries and regions that are truly unforgettable. The best are less known by travel agencies, which means they might be a bit difficult to conquer. Nevertheless, at the end of the year you will be pleased and content that you’ve been someplace unique and memorable.

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