Unusual Activities on a Cruise Ship

If you’re considering embarking on a cruise you’ll be forgiven for instantly thinking it will involve tranquil games of shuffleboard and dinner with the captain. And if you’re worried that you might struggle to fill your time during a cruise, then think again. In fact, today’s cruise ships have literally hundreds of activities to get involved in, whatever your age or interests and some are more unusual than others.

A cruiseship in the background at Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.

A cruiseship in the background at Bar Harbor, Maine, USA.

Image Courtesy: Dana Moos.

With cruising becoming popular with both couples and families, a typical liner offers activities that cater for everyone. Of course, if you fancy simply lying back for a spot of sunbathing then that’s fine. But if you want something a bit more active there’s plenty on offer. You may be surrounded by the ocean but the ships pool areas   there’s usually more than one   will have more than just swimming on offer. Why not have a go at surfing or body-boarding or laugh at the kids as they take on the wave machine? You could even sign up for some scuba-diving lessons to prepare you for the next stop-off.

Try Something New

There will be lots of sports to take part in so those budding footballers certainly won’t miss out. But why not challenge yourself with a spot of rock climbing or work on improving your golf swing at the onboard driving range? Even the youngsters can get involved with some outdoor table tennis or mini golf. If you’re feeling really energetic you could try some roller-blading or ice skating at one of the onboard rinks. Some of the latest ships now also boast their own carousels and adrenaline-pumping zip lines.

Tantalise the Taste Buds

A cruise is a great time to try some new delicacies and with lots of restaurants and cafes on board you’ll find it easy to find a new taste sensation. But why not take it further and sign up for a cooking class or learn how to spit with the best of them at a wine-tasting session? And dinner is just the beginning of an action-packed evening of entertainment, where you can try your luck at the ship’s casino, watch a fantastic show with a glass of Champagne or get involved yourself by taking a line-dancing class.

A quiet night in

If you do fancy a quiet night in you could always enjoy movie night in your cabin with all the family snuggled up under the covers, although movie nights can often mean something different on a cruise ship. Join the other passengers at the big screen by the poolside   it’s a bit like a drive-in movie, except you’re in the swimming pool! And don’t forget the onboard health centre, usually with state-of-the-art equipment and a range of exciting fitness classes to get involved with.

The truth is that a cruise will open up new and exciting activities to you, all organised by experienced professionals and that’s before you even factor in the great range of off-ship excursions and stop-offs along the way.


Guest Author : Tony, a UK travel blogger working on behalf of cruise.co.uk where you can find great deals on cruises.
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