The Best Vacation Spots in the USA

When long work hours start to take their toll on you, the itch to travel and explore becomes harder not to scratch! Sometimes the best vacation can be found close to home. You don’t always have to purchase a plane ticket and flee the country to have a fun getaway. There are tons of places in this great nation of ours that offer relaxation and fun for people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation, a romantic getaway for two, an adventurous trip amongst friends, or a solitary road trip to recharge your batteries, there many options among the fifty states.

A Disney resort vacation, a Cape Cod summer rental, or a Vegas vacation are just some of the popular options that you have at your disposal. According to the travel channel, Florida is the place to get the most bang for your buck. While most people will choose to venture down this path, there are lots of other place you can go as well–  especially if you want to beat to crowds.

National Parks

Put the sunny beaches on hold for a moment, and think about all of the other places that the US has to offer. Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks are two of the biggest and most beautiful places in the USA. Yellowstone offers vast hiking trails, hot springs, animal discovery centers, and steaming geysers. The lush forests and rare wildlife offer beauty and serenity for anyone looking to get away. Old Faithful is one of the biggest tourist attractions and a must-see sight for nature lovers everywhere. Although this spot generates popularity, it’s unlikely that you’ll run into many passer-bys anywhere else while visiting Yellowstone. It’s 2,221,766 acres sweep across three states and leave lots of room for exploring!

Yosemite National ParkYosemite is located in the woodlands of California and offers beautiful scenery that cannot be matched. Glaciers and redwoods line the 1,200 acres of hiking trails and forestry. This park offers a little bit of everything for its visitors. Mountains, waterfalls, trails, camping sites, and even nearby hotels. Famous landmarks such as Half Dome and El Capitan generate popularity, and are sights to be seen. Even the most inexperienced of hikers can enjoy the beauty of Yosemite with guided tours and offered climbing lessons. Although the popularity of Yosemite generates big crowds, it can still be enjoyed in serenity given you begin your day at the right time.


If you’re trying to avoid crowds, the city isn’t the best summer vacation option. However, if you want to experience culture and energy, then a city can be a favorable getaway during all other parts of the year. Depending on what you’re looking for, the US offers many cities that have been rated as top spots for travel. San Diego sports a vibrant beach, warm weather, kid-friendly attractions, upscale dining, and beautiful scenery. It’s hard to believe that you’re in a city at all when visiting this southern California gem. Travel a few hours up north and you’ll reach the beautiful peninsula of San Francisco. This liberal and culturally diverse hot spot is a great way to experience multiple attractions. The beauty of the bay gives this city character and elegance. Explore the piers, dine at the waterfront eateries, or stroll down fisherman’s wharf and take in all of the shops and scenery. All of the neighborhoods offer diversity and new experiences. You can go from one completely different place to the next, without leaving the city! If you’re planning to keep it east coast, the Big Apple offers tons of excitement. New York City boasts bar hopping, exceptional dining, museums, opera-watching, and Broadway! Scenic Central Park offers a quiet getaway, and Greenwich Village is amsimple residential area with shops and a quaint atmosphere. If you’re looking to spice up your trip, Las Vegas is the hub for a crazy time. Although it’s not a cultural melting pot, it’s the perfect escape from reality for a while. Dining, shopping, and the best nightlife in the world are all options for an exciting getaway.


If you can’t escape the need for summer sun and sand between your toes, then consider all the beaches that are offered between our two coasts. Cape Cod is a beautiful Northeastern shore that offers quiet scenery and a laid back atmosphere. Things move slower in this part of Massachusetts, and the charm of a small town is all over. If you want to escape fast paced beach goers and opt for a quaint shoreline getaway instead then staying in a Cape Cod summer rental is a perfect option for you. The beautiful beaches of North Carolina offer laid back summer getaways as well. From Outer Banks, to Myrtle Beach there are tons of family friendly shorelines to explore. Secluded beaches, mini golf, fishing, nature trails, and lighthouses are just some of the things to explore while heading down south.

The U.S. is vastly traveled by people each summer. Aside from the cliché’ and overly popular vacation spots, there are many other locations offered in between. Seek out something new and different. While it can be fun to plan that Disney vacation every single year, sometimes a little exploration and change is fun! Go see what awaits you!

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