Brenham Travel Guide – All You Need to Know

Brenham is not only popular as the home of Blue Bell ice cream all across Texas; it is also rich with options that are dog-friendly as well, from surrounding parks to a historic downtown. It was founded by German settlers, and sits midway between the cities of Austin and Houston, and has been an important spot in east central Texas for various reasons.

Although, when outsiders think about the rural parts of Texas, their thoughts run towards tumbleweeds, cactus, coyotes, armadillos, oil derricks, pickup trucks and cowboys. Old-school Houstonians see ural Texas’ in a totally different picture. Most often, their minds run towards Brenham area, located about 75 miles northwest of Houston.

If you are planning a trip to Brenham, here are the most interesting facts you must know from our friends at – a famous leading travel publisher.

What to See in Brenham

1. Animal friends Dog Park

It opens from 7:30 am till dusk. This park includes various large and small dog areas, ponds, water stations, agility area, shaded seating, and a washing station.

2. Lake Somerville state park

Lake Somerville state park in Texas

All dog species will find this park fun, since it’s divided into two units – the nails creek unit and the birth creek units, both offering rental canoes, picnicking, camping, and lots of lake fun. Two of the units are linked by Lake Somerville Trailway, extending for 13 miles, making it ideal for hiking for both you and your dog.

Best Amusement Parks in the US

3. Fireman’s park

You can visit this park to stretch your legs and walk your dog. Shaded by tall post oaks, this park has become a popular picnic spot for tourists. The carousel was constructed before 1910 and is housed in a round building.

Some great things to do while in Brenham

1. Go to the Blue Bell Creameries

Blue Bell creameries in Brenham, Texas

Anyone from Texas will admit that Blue Bell is the best ice cream in the world. This company began in 1907, created with the aim of buying excess cream from farmers to make butter for residents. After encountering some financial difficulties, they made the decision to produce ice cream under the new name which was coined in 1930 from the state flower. This ice cream company has developed over the years as the ice cream choice for Texans and nearby localities. Visiting this facility will take to on a tasty and full-bodied tour through the history of the company with the opportunity to try out some of their favorite flavors.

2. The Antique Rose Emporium

Constructed in 1982, this place not only serves as the prime place for people to find amazing roses, but also to hold memorable events. The grounds ha a rustic country chapel set laid among the lush greenery.

3. Festival Hill

This is where the Round Top Festival Institute is located. First established in 1971, the James Dick Foundation annually puts on performing arts. Once in the Festival Hill, visitors can traverse the whole campus that contains various rare documents and manuscripts preserved there. You can also get a change to take part in the musical expressions from returning alumni as well as current student body and other musicians.

4. Unity Theatre

Located in the downtown history area of Brenham, the Unity Theatre is presently the major professional theatre in the entire county of Washington. Many plays and other performances are staged in this theatre with the help of both the state and national arts organizations. The Unity Theatre has a welcoming air to residents and those visiting Brenham.

5. Pleasant Hill Winery

Pleasant Hill Winery in Brenham, Texas

Having more than 20 years of experience, this winery has been offering top-notch wines to people of Brenham. The grounds of the Pleasant Hill winery are very picturesque, and visitors are welcome to come and check out their acres, and also their various wine offerings that have earned them several awards throughout the state.

6. Home Sweet Farm Market and Biergarten

This is one of the biggest places that makes town buzz with activities. It was first built in 2013 with the aim of bringing residents fresh produce. Since then, it has grown to include both a warehouse and a country store. This outdoor biergarten is also linked to the influence left behind by the German settlers in the mid-1800s and is a great place to enjoy the cool evening breeze that blows through the town.

Where to stay in Brenham

There are many lodging options in Brenham; you will not encounter any difficulty finding a nice place to stay for one night, the weekend, or a couple of weeks. In fact, between hotels, motels, bed and meals, retreats and vacation rentals, there are over 45 options. Although a hotel is what most people prefer, at times, you just want to have a unique experience. There are some adorable accommodations filled with various antiques in this town. Some unique places to stay include:

1. Ant Street Inn

Ant Street Inn in Brenham, Texas

This is the only boutique hotel in Brenham, and the only housing option located downtown. This charming and historic inn has 15 rooms, an elegant ballroom, restaurant on site, and an outdoor garden for hosting special events. In fact, there is an original freight elevator in one of the rooms.

2. History Holle House

If you travel to Brenham Texas with a bigger group or are looking to have more space for your family, consider renting this history house. It is possible for you to rent the whole upstairs and really spread out.

3. Inn at Dos Brisas

This is one of the most luxurious accommodations in Brenham, boasting as the only 5-star restaurant in Texas. Amidst its organic gardens and 300 acres, it offers unique Spanish style accommodations and relaxing resort.

4. Lillian Farms

This is a beautiful estate that has 5 rooms, 8 private cottages, and a large event center for events.

Best time to visit Brenham

The summers are hot and oppressive in Brenham; the winters are cold, short, windy and wet; and it is partially cloudy throughout the year. Temperatures typically vary over the course of the year from 42 degrees to 95 degrees – it is rarely lower than 29 degrees and higher than 100 degrees. During the year, the best time to pay a visit to Brenham for activities of hot weather is from May to late September.

The busiest tourist months are February, April and January. Flights and hotel prices are most expensive during these periods, although if you buy well in advance, you can save. It is unlikely for tourists to visit in November, so you’ll most likely find it less expensive then. Contact a Brenham travel service for more guidance.

In a nutshell:

Texas generally is vast and multi-faceted because of its rich history and the settlers have called it home. Brenham is a very good example of the remarkable complexity that is found here, a major reminder of the glue that holds tradition. Tourists who visit Brenham get totally engaged in the environment.

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