Top Ten Most Beautiful Parks to Visit In Chicago

The busiest city, the heart of the USA, Chicago! What makes it the epitome of beauty? The busy map with colors of nature spreader all over! Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities of the globe. It has kept a versatility in its nature to attract the entire world. Here we are going to discuss one color of the city, that is, the most beautiful parks in Chicago that must be visited once in a life.


millennium park Chicago

In east Randolph street, downtown, the world witnessed one of the most wonderful sites in the city that is the millennium park of Chicago. The open lake fronted towards the three blocks, along with the Ferris wheel, the melody of the outdoor music pavilion creating a rhythm with the beats of hearts, also beauties with the ice skating, makes the millennium park a worth visiting place.


maggie daley park Chicago

This place in Chicago is most known for the multiple activities that are kept engaging the audience. All the age groups equally enjoy the visit because of having such a variety of activities. Ice skating, rock climbing, golf club, water play and above all the family-friendly environment adds beauty to the place.

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Want to enjoy the color of nature? Here you go, linen park of Chicago is also known well for being a zoo. The colors of nature spread on the canvas of the park makes a perfect blend. The zoo consists of different activities to engage the visitors.


Hello artists! Grant park of Chicago is the most worth visiting place to enjoy the arts. Statues, flower arts make the place outstanding. Those who love arts, this place is highly recommended for them.

THE 606

A 2.7 miles skinny park, reflecting the real colors of Chicago with the rails, is highly recommended because of the vast collection of shrubs and bushes. The 606 is a great place to be visited.


Do you love fantasy? Are you ready to experience the world of fantasy? Here you go, OZ park is famous for its wizard theme, OZ statues scattered all over makes the place precious.


How would you feel to find a conservatory in the middle of the city? Garfield Park is beautifully themed on the natural tone, having the oasis in it. Cactus room and other natural collection are worth a watch it.


Lakefront trail of Chicago is a 22 miles bikes path, it has so many parks in it, the path is stretched from Indiana border to Evanston. People who love riding, the place is best for them.


Having the collection of more than 32000 aquatic animals, the aquarium is located on the shores of Michigan. You might witness here the unique presence of whales, snails, tarantulas, zebrafish, turtles, angelfish and many more.


Lurie Garden is one of the most interesting places in Chicago, the more you dig into it, the more you will explore. The place has a vast collection of plants and flowers, the staff of the garden is always there to welcome and educate the visitors.

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