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Nebraska is located in the Midwestern United States. The name Nebraska is again from the Indian vocabulary and means something like “shallow water.” The name comes from the Platte River, which flows through the state. The state is one of the largest producers of agricultural products in the USA. Just over 100 years ago, the buffalo grazed on the prairies of the state, today we find them occasionally in reservations. Grassy dunes cover about 25% of Nebraska. Under the “Sand Hills” is a vast reservoir of drinking water.

The inhabitants of Nebraska have transformed the prairie plains into a land of ranches and farms with modern agriculture. Mainly maize, wheat, millet, soybeans and sugar beets are produced. Of importance is also the cattle and pig breeding. More than 90% of the area is used for agriculture, which earned the state the nickname “The Granary of the USA.” The more than 1.8 million inhabitants live on about 200.000km² surfaces, which is about as big as Kyrgyzstan. There are more than 240,000 residents in Capital Lincoln. In the state live 89% whites and 4% black, the rest is distributed to other races.

The biggest cities

Omaha and Lincoln are two major cities in Nebraska; the rest of the country is small towns with up to 50,000 inhabitants. The largest cities in the lists are listed as Census 2010 and rounded.

1st Omaha 409,000

2nd Lincoln 258,000

3rd Bellevue 50,000

4th Grand Island 49,000

5th Kearney 31,000

Weather and climate conditions

Continental influences characterize the climate in Nebraska. The winters are cold, but in summer the temperatures climb neatly. The spring is relatively cool. However, autumn is quite pleasant. The warm air from the gulf can build up to cyclones in summer. In winter, from the end of November to the beginning of March, blizzards can also occur in the region. The best travel time we would, therefore, look at the fall.

Places worth seeing –

1. Henry Doorly Zoo with aquarium

Henry Doorly Zoo Desert Dome in Omaha Nebraska

From nine in the morning to five in the evening, visitors can explore more than 1300 different animal species at Ohama’s best zoo park. 17 African elephants recently arrived safely from the drought-affected Swaziland as part of an ongoing rescue mission in the United States. Of these, the zoo has taken in six animals that will now live in the African grasslands, a $ 73 million project. Thus, the zoo has the largest herd of elephants in North America. The African grasslands offer breathtaking panoramic views and sweeping views of the meadows, teeming with African wildlife. This attraction opens for Memorial Day weekend. With the zoo and Imax ticket, you can also visit the new Imax cinema.

2. Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

This garden was built as early as the 1930s in Lincoln. He is the only garden in Nebraska in the list of the 300 most beautiful gardens in North America represented. Charles Bartlett Hester was responsible for the construction, a project for unemployed men during the Depression. Since many natural stones were to be found in him, the park was then called “Rock Garden.” The garden has two reflecting pools and a waterfall. Most recently, in 2005, it was still extensively renovated and shows itself from mid-spring in the finest garb.

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3. Old Market in Omaha

The Old Market is a neighborhood in downtown Omaha, bordered by South 10th Street to the east and 13th Street to the west, Farnam Street to the north. The area has many restaurants, art galleries and exclusive shops. Brick-paved streets from the turn of the century and rustic horse-drawn carriages can be found as well as a multitude of street artists and artisans. The house fronts are also in the style of brick buildings, as they know about from England, disguised.

4. Fort Kearny State Historical Park

The historic national park is located on the south bank of the river Kearny. The palisade fence and the blacksmiths were reconstructed consuming. Here was once a station of the Pony Express and a breakpoint of the overland coaches. Here, the workers who built the Union Pacific railway made high holidays of the hard everyday life of the threshold shift.

5. Visit Mormons

The history of the Mormons and their migration to the West of America as the “Promised Land” in Utah is one of the most important historical events in the United States. If you’re interested in America’s history, the Mormon Museum, located in Winter Quarters near Ohama, will fascinate you.

6. Clem’s opera house

The Gresham Opera House served as a venue for theater and music performances, lectures and films. It also provided a place for community gatherings, high school beginners, farmers, institutes, and political party gatherings.

Interactive map

The interactive Nebraska map brings you closer to the US state in a satellite and street map view. With the second card, you can plan your trip through the country, saving fuel and time.

Good to know

Nebraska is already very different from many European countries. There are a few useful tips to make traveling to the metropolis easier.

Time shift

If you arrive from Europe, you have to reset the clock by six hours. Most flights land in the early afternoon in Nebraska, in Europe, is then almost bedtime. A tip against jet lag: Even if the journey was exhausting and you would like to lie down directly, be sure to wake up and fall instantly into the Nebraska life. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to get into the rhythm of time.


What many do not know: The waiters in the US get only a minimal basic salary; the most significant part of their pay makes the tip (tip). Reasonable is usually 15 to 20 percent. The best you calculate in advance, and then the shock is not so prominent in the end. When calculating the tip, there is a little trick: “Double the tax.” On the bill is always a tax. If you double them, you’re not doing anything wrong with tipping.

Taxi driving

Even if the city is easy to explore on foot and by subway, everyone should take a taxi in Nebraska. The fun starts with calling one of the many racing and honking Yellow Cabs. What you should keep in mind: Taxis have several lights on the roof. If no light is on, it means the taxi is taken. If the two outside lights are on, then it is not in use. When the middle lights are lit with the numbers, then hand out and make eye contact. It could be yours. The Nebraska taxi driver cans also rather a little start with house numbers. To make it easier for you and them, you can always find the cross streets in advance. So if the address is 35 Fifth Avenue, you say, “Fifth Avenue, corner 10th Street.”

Travel adapter

In Nebraska, the connector types shown below are used, which may require appropriate travel adapters for their own devices.

When using devices brought along, the universal voltage of 120 volts and the frequency of 60 hertz must be observed.

Older devices often do not yet have universal power supplies with wide-range input. In these cases, a travel plug with transformer should be used. Conventional adapters do not convert any tension.

Tumbler Cup

This is another necessary thing for Tea/coffee holic. This helps to keep the Tea/coffee hot in winter and keep the cold drinks cold in summer. So, you should take the best tumbler cups with you on this journey.

Various city passes

Culture aficionados can purchase different city passes, which will save them some of Nebraska’s major attractions and museums.

The current Nebraska City PASS has included the 9/11 Memorial & Museum and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum – in addition to the American Museum of Natural History.

Do not forget ID!

A typical beginner mistake: leave your ID card in the hotel. Often out of fear of losing him. In the US, there are extensive admission checks in clubs and bars. Anyone who has no identification (short ID called), does not come in. Even though you are well over 21 years old.

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