7 Best Places to Visit in New York City

The city of New York is a dream visit for travelers across the world.

The city has the best to offer in everything. It can satisfy the shopaholic in you with some fantastic shopping places. The foodie in you will be quite delighted by the array of restaurants that serve some of the most lip-smacking cuisines in the world. Also, you can marvel at the beautiful sights with so much history and culture. Overall, New York is the best place to visit if you are looking for a perfect vacation.

Though the city has numerous sightseeing places, it is impossible to visit all, especially if you are on a short trip. However, this article will serve as a guide to your perfect New York vacation.

Ideal places to stay in the city-

Being a tourist destination, there are many hotels spread all across the city. You can choose your stay based on your budget and preference. However, ideally, hotels should be around Manhattan or at least near a subway station making your commute between tourist destinations easier. Places such as Lower east side, Chinatown or Lower Manhattan are extremely tourist-friendly, for they have several budget hotels and restaurants.

Some budget hotels in these areas include Courtyard by Mariott in Manhattan and Hotel 50 Bowery in the Lower Eastside.

Here are 7 of the most popular places to visit in New York City, which will make your vacation truly memorable-

1) Times Square-

Time Square, New York

Times Square is probably the most iconic location in the city. The towering buildings and the shiny billboards may put you in a frenzy, but this is the best place to start a self-guided tour around the city. You can walk to some of the most iconic locations from here. You can pose with the wax statues of your favourite stars at Madame Tussauds or take the National geographic ocean odyssey to experience what life is like underwater.

How to get there– Times Square is easily accessible by subway, bus or the train.

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2) The Brooklyn bridge-

Brooklyn bridge, New York

If you like drooling over some human-made architectural marvels, The Brooklyn bridge should be your next stop. Touted to be the world’s largest steel suspension bridge, this iconic structure is a sight to behold. Sprawling across the east river, you get the best views of Manhattan and the statue of liberty. Though you can take ferries to the bridge, a walk on the dedicated pedestrian walkway is the best way to experience human-made structure.

How to get there – You can start walking to the bridge is from the intersection at the Tillery street. You can also reach there by taking the subway to Washington street.

3) The Statue of Liberty-

Statue of Liberty, NYC, USA

Perhaps one of the most significant symbols of freedom in the world, the statue of liberty is a gift from France to America. It is also one of the tallest figures in the world, standing at 152 feet. Located on the liberty island, you can explore the sculpture by taking a boat trip. Walking up to the base and entering the pedestal is quite easy. However, you must make reservations in advance if you want to go all the way up to the crown.

How to get there – Numerous ferries are operating from Battery Park, at the southern part of Manhattan. You can reach there by subway.

4) Central Park-

A refreshing break from the towering skyscrapers of New York, Central Park gives the city a much needed green cover. The park is right in the centre of the city. A walk or a bicycle ride through this park will make you connect with mother nature. You can also visit the central park zoo or the strawberry fields in the park. If you are on a self- guided tour across the park, you may want to pick up a tourist map for a better experience.

How to get there – Central Park is easily accessible by Subway

5) Metropolitan Museum of Art-

The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses pieces that span over 5000 years. It is one of the most famous museums in the United States and contains essential articles from American and Egyptian history. You will get to marvel at some rare artefacts, paintings as well as some photographs and musical instruments. A part of the Museum displays medieval art and architecture of Europe. A visit to this place will surely take you back in time.

How to get there– You can take a subway that stops at the 77th street or the 83rd street and walk a few blocks to get to the Museum.

6) High Bridge park-

Another green park in the city is the High bridge park. However, unlike Central Park, this park has a number of dirt bike tracks and mountain biking trails. You can also get a glimpse of the legendary Husqvarna motorcycles here. If you are looking for some adventure sports to indulge while in the city, this park is definitely a must-visit.

How to get there -You can reach the park from Manhattan by walking to the high bridge water park and going down the stairs for the park.

7) Legoland

It is a dream of all lego lovers to visit Legoland discovery centre in New York. if you are in New York with your family, then this tourist destination should definitely be a part of your itinerary. It is a part of Ridge hills Shopping centre in Yonkers. Its main attraction includes 50 different lego rides, a 4D theatre and a gift shop to pick up cute souvenirs from your trip. Visiting this colourful and creative place will surely give you an-out-of-the-world experience.

How to get there – It is convenient to drive to Legoland, which is two hours away from the centre. Alternatively, you can also take a bus that takes you to ridge hill.


The places mentioned above to visit in New York are iconic to the city and are perfect, to sum up, your New York Vacation. Also, because there is no particular tourist season in New York, you can visit it at any time of the year. You can plan your holiday to the big apple to coincide with some of the significant cultural and artistic events happening all year round for a perfect and memorable vacation!!

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