Reasons to Love Daytona

Florida is one of the most coveted destinations in the United States because of its perfect sunny climate and handsome beaches. Here, daredevils, party-lovers, and beach bums flock together to have the time of their lives. Some who come don’t ever want to leave again; there are even those who consider moving to Florida for good.

Daytona Beach is just exactly what people have stereotyped about Florida. While as a whole Florida may not actually be a “homogenous” state in which all the cities have one common character (beaches, sun, and party), Daytona Beach exemplifies all the qualities people come to Florida for.


Of course, the great beaches of Florida are the one thing that you should never miss, especially not when you are in Daytona. Free concerts, water sports competitions, classy bars and restaurants all found at the beachfront areas – perfect destination for those who want to let loose and unwind once in a while. If you’re based in Daytona for work, then you don’t have to worry about de-stressing because the beach is just a short drive away.


The Daytona International Speedway attracts thousands of spectators who wish to see their favorite racer skirmish through the internationally-acclaimed tracks in Daytona. This is another advantage for people who have a penchant for racing – you’ll never have to dole out sums for a flight to Daytona just to witness a big racing event!

Houses and apartments

Perhaps when you imagine your new home in Daytona, you picture out a gorgeous beachfront property with a spectacular view of the ocean. Or not. Either way, there’s definitely a home for you in Daytona suited perfectly to your needs and wants. If you want to start by testing the waters in a certain neighborhood, your best bet would be to rent one of those Daytona apartments that are available both for short term and long term rentals.


Daytona, brimming with quite a diverse community of tourists, retirees, locals, and migrants, offers versatility when it comes to food. If you consider yourself a picky eater, you will not have a problem when you move to Daytona because sumptuous foods of all sorts are abundant in this lovely city.


Hobbyists will definitely consider moving to Daytona for good. Playing your favorite sport in one of the most beautiful golf courses is just a great way to reward yourself after those difficult weeks at work. If you live in Daytona, this reward will always be within your near reach! Stress from work will never have to bother you again.

Kid-friendly facilities

Moving to Daytona with your spouse and kids is a good idea because the city provides a favorable natural environment for learning young children. You can bring your kids to watch as turtles hatch their eggs on the shore, take them to Sunsplash Park where they can learn to appreciate the beach scene along with other kids, or go on a fishing trip with them. These are all fun yet enriching ways to spend quality time with your kids – only at Daytona Beach!

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