5 Best South Haven Outdoor Activities

South Haven, Michigan is a city that provides endless entertainment year-round, but arriving when the weather is warm means you’ll make the most of the great outdoors. This lakeside city has long thrived on what nature bountifully provides and the natural beauty that makes up South Haven is one of the defining factors drawing travelers to this destination year after year. Whether you have a passion for getting out and conquering the waves of Lake Michigan or find your happiness on tucked away trails, there’s something for everyone looking to get out and get into nature. When you’re here, be sure to add these 5 outdoor activities to your must-do list for an adventure-filled getaway unlike any other.

Rampage Fishing Charters

fishing charter

Lake Michigan is a stunning body of water to admire, but it’s also packed full of salmon, trout, bass and carp, making it an angler’s dream. When you’re looking to get out on the water in the hopes of the next big catch be sure to book a session with Rampage Fishing Charters. Hop aboard a 30-foot Rampage Sportsman alongside Captain Kenny Bard who has over 30-years of fishing experience. Experienced anglers will welcome them any tips, tricks and lake specifics Captain Bard has to offer while newcomers to the sport will want to learn everything they can out on the water. Whether you reel something in or simply give it your best effort, it’s sure to be a beautiful day on the water.

SOHA Kayak Rentals

The sandy crown jewels of South Haven are by far North and South Beach. Combined, these two areas make up some of the city’s most pristine and popular coastline. When you’re in town to do more than lounge and soak up the sun, stop by SOHA at both beach locations to rent a kayak or paddleboard. Convenient equipment stands are located directly on the beach so there is no hauling involved once you’ve paid the rental fee. All rental gear comes equipped with leashes and lifejackets making safety a number one priority. SOHA is open 10 am until 7 pm daily as long as the weather allows for watersport activity.

Roots Yoga

Cindy Adams never intended to become a yoga instructor, but as she fell in love with the practice and longed to share its many benefits with others, Roots Yoga was born. Unlike a studio class, Roots Yoga takes sessions to the beach and provides regulars and drop-ins with the opportunity to center and find a new level of flexibility right on the sandy shores of South Haven! For only $10, guests can participate in a beachfront class on either North or South Beach. Yoga mats are available for use, but a towel will do when you stop in for some focused time on health and wellness. Come by for a group session or schedule a private class that fits your schedule. Roots Yoga even provides the option for booking a beach sunset session alongside your loved one.

KJC ATV Rentals

When you’ve had enough time to relax and unwind at the beach and you’re looking for some adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventure, swing by KJC ATV Rentals. This location offers visitors the chance to rent a one or two-person ATV and as an added bonus, provides the challenging trails too! The location of KJC comes complete with a maze of trails maintained for ATV fun and as soon as you’ve confirmed your rental, you’re ready to head off and explore. The grounds come complete with several picnic tables if you’re looking to make a day of it with family. Anglers who enjoy riding as much as they do relaxing by the lake will appreciate the two on-site catch and release ponds. Come for an hour or ride the day away at thrilling speeds through a lush, wooded area that keeps adventure lovers coming back for more.

The Sun Setter

sailing boat

There are times when the best way to connect with nature is just to admire it. Booking a scenic or sunset cruise aboard the Sun Setter of South Haven is the best way to take in your surroundings in this stunning destination. As you sail the lake on this 1-hour scenic trip, your guide will skillfully point out beautiful shorelines, natural clay formations and wildlife along the way. If you opt for the sunset cruise, your trip is extended by 30-minutes to ensure you have the opportunity to soak up the many colors of the sky. Sit back, relax and marvel at the landscape as you enjoy this sailing tour of Lake Michigan.

South Haven Calling

Whether your South Haven travels lead you to the next big catch or help you find your Zen on the beach, there are many reasons to return time and again. If you don’t get through the list this time around there’s no need to worry. The shores of Lake Michigan are an annual stopping point for many travelers and the city of South Haven is happy to welcome you back whenever the great outdoors is calling your name.

Guest Author : Caitlyn Knuth is a travel writer whose personal adventures have motivated her to write about everything from the most delicious cafés in Paris to the breathtaking salmon runs in Juneau, Alaska. Working alongside Beachwalk Properties, she has fallen in love with writing about the inspiring destination of South Haven in hopes that others will head to Michigan in the name of history, travel, and family-fun adventures of their very own.
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