Spending A Christmas in NYC Would Be Unexciting – Said No-One Ever!

exciting christmas in NYC

New York City is amazing in itself at any given time of year, but this yuletide season is all about iconic sights and the feeling of togetherness that you get in this city. This is the festive season when the Big Apple gets a fairytale-esque makeover. You should dedicate at least one Christmas of your lifetime to NYC and you will understand the difference because is much more than just holiday shopping spree and walks in the snowfall. Everything is larger than life!

You would have probably seen some pretty iconic Christmas moments in NYC which are time and again shown in films and on TV. Tourists flock to some of these Big Apple attractions around Christmastime, which might be a nightmare to navigate for those who are not a big fan of large crowds, but in all fairness, there’s a reason they’re so popular!

You can take the 6 train to 51st and Lexington or the B/D/F/V trains to Rockefeller Center on the subway. But be warned these would be heavily crowded. You can even get yourself a cheap rental car in the States from which you can comfortably enjoy the delightful sights of the city. But nevertheless, prepare yourself for heavy traffic since every New-Yorker will be out on the streets in addition to the tourists flocking from all around the world.

The most fun way to experience Christmas in the city without paying exorbitant fees, waiting in massive lines, or dealing with huge crowds, and that is just to soak up the bustling holiday atmosphere in NYC at your own pace in your own way.

The giant Rockefeller Center Christmas tree which is illuminated with its eight kilometers twinkling fairy lights (freaking 30,000) is the most attractive part of New York City at the time of Christmas. Skating under the tree’s light will give an amazing experience of winter’s and Christmas in the New York City. The dazzling ginormous tree will be lit from Nov. 28 till Jan. 7, 2013. The Empire State Building turns red and green, most storefronts have themed decorations, jazzy tunes play in coffee shops, and the general vibe is just a little bit nicer. The religious can hear Handel’s Messiah at Carnegie Hall or visit the Trinity Church on Wall Street, the Cathedral Church of St. John or the Divine, a Gothic Revival church uptown – all of which are gorgeous to see even without events going on. Walk by Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s to admire the festive decorations, stroll through the “Christmas Market” at Bryant Park, and even pick up some cute crafty gifts. Treat yourself to a warm drink on a street corner and let the city’s contagious Christmas vibe come to you!

If you can’t make it to NYC for any of these Christmas events, though, we have solutions for you too. Just cozy up with an NYC Christmas film like Noel, the Family Man, or Miracle on 34th Street and imagine yourself enjoying a merry Christmas!

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