Top 10 Awesome Facts Of The Manhattan Beach Area

Manhattan Beach is a thriving community that is perfect for families and people of all ages. While it is a close drive to LA, Manhattan Beach offers a tranquil and beach-town vibe that beautifully contrasts the hustle and bustle of city life. These top 10 facts will help one to understand and appreciate all that Manhattan Beach has to offer.

1. Glorious Beaches

As one of the nicest beaches in California, Manhattan Beach is perfect for relaxation, sports, and events. Unlike other Southern California beaches, such as Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach stays relatively calm even during peak tourist seasons. This means a cleaner beach, and a more relaxing one as well.

Manhattan Beach is unparalleled when it comes to sports. With waves rolling in steady all day long, Manhattan Beach is ideal for surfers and body boarders alike. This beach was also the starting point for beach volleyball, making each game not only exciting but also a piece of history as well. With warm sand, cool water, and a scenic-stretch for miles, Manhattan Beach is a perfect place to unwind after work or enjoy on the weekends.

2. Shopping in Downtown

Just a short walk from the main beach-strip is Manhattan Beach’s famous downtown area. Since 1912, this downtown area has thrived in presenting the best in local art, dining, and boutiques. Even though there are many name-brand stores nearby, such as Sketchers, Lucky Brand, and Papyrus, the downtown area is still predominantly home to artisans and local boutiques. Strolling through the area, one can find beautiful clothing shops with handmade designs, perfect to wear for a night-out or a day at the beach. With local bookstores, independent cafes, and lovely flowers along the paths, Manhattan Beach’s downtown area is a beautiful destination on the weekends.

3. World-class restaurants

Many of the local restaurants have gained recognition and awards for their offerings, scenic views, and friendly atmosphere. One of the best examples is The Strand House, a suite-like restaurant that beautifully overlooks the ocean. Featuring locally produced foods, a world-class selection of wine, and an atmosphere that encourages conversation and relaxation, The Strand House is a great example of the fine restaurant choices in Manhattan Beach.

4. Eco-Friendly

Manhattan Beach locals are protective of their environment, and this allows the town to stay smog-free and the beaches to remain safe for families to enjoy. One of the top organizations is Heal the Bay. This non-profit organization helps to maintain Manhattan Beach’s high-standards of excellence, and one can help in local beach cleanups anytime they’d like. Also, Manhattan Beach recently banned the sale of styrofoam containers in order to curtail littering on the beach and to help the local animal-life continue to thrive.

5. Close to Los Angeles

Manhattan Beach is just a short drive away from Los Angeles, which allows for weekends to be spent in Hollywood or downtown. It is far enough away from LA so as to not be cluttered or crowded, but close enough that going to the city can still be a nice evening event. Spend the evening enjoying LA’s renowned nightlife, then return home to enjoy Manhattan Beach’s invigorating tranquility.

6. Top School Districts

Manhattan Beach’s school districts are often rated highest in class in test taking, parent satisfaction, and transfer rates. This ensures that local families get the best education for their children, and without a single low-rated school in the district, parent’s will never have to worry about their child’s success.

7. Manhattan Beach Pier

Built in 1920, the Manhattan Beach Pier is an idyllic place for locals, tourists, fishermen, and artists. Stretching 928 ft long, it spans from Manhattan Blvd, across the warm sand, and over the Pacific Ocean. It offers a scenic view at any time of the day or night, and is great place for relaxing, painting, and enjoying all of the natural beauty that Manhattan Beach has to offer. Sunsets are also a local favorite, as the pier offers a vantage point to this picture-perfect event.

8. Queen Mary

A grand and aristocratic English ocean liner, the Queen Mary is now open to the public, and it is often docked in Manhattan Beach. Featuring ballroom dances, diner events, and seasonal festivities, the Queen Mary is a perfect destination for luxury on the water.

9. A small-town beach vibe

Manhattan Beach offers a slice of paradise away from the hustle and bustle of city life. While LA is easily reachable by car, Manhattan Beach still retains its quiet charm, neighborhood friendliness, and safety that is perfect for families and couples of all ages. With numerous farmer’s markets, wine tasting events, and other artisan fairs, Manhattan Beach provides the best that life has to offer.

10. Beautiful Architecture

Many of the homes and condos in Manhattan Beach offer an amazing view of the ocean, beach, and downtown city life. Featuring modern and pleasant architecture, the homes offer both a comfortable place to live and a wonderfully colorful feast for the eyes. With a quiet atmosphere, numerous cafes, and walkable distances to both downtown and the beach, Manhattan Beach is one of the best locations for families and couples.

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