Exploring Top Tourist Attractions in Boston, MA

Boston is one such city in the United States, which has the perfect balance of all elements that are required to make a perfect holiday. The city offers attractions for people in all age groups. Whether you are traveling with your family including kids or traveling with a group of friends, Boston has innumerable attractions for all kinds of tourists. Explore the historical places, the art centers, the museums and other entertainment areas in the city.

On your trip to Boston Massachusetts, do not forget to explore the following places:

Museum of Science

Museum of Science, BostonMuseums are always great places of attractions in any city and the same stands true for Boston as well. Among the many museums that are frequented by travelers, the Museum of Science is a special one. Located at Science Park in the city, the museum has interactive exhibits, the numbers of which cross 400. The IMAX Theater, the planetarium and the Virtual Fish Tank are the main attractions in the museum. It is needless to say that this place is a hot favorite with the kids.

Boston Harbor Islands

If you are an adventurous soul and want to enjoy various kinds of activities at one place, Boston Harbor Islands is the place to be. If you want to visit the ruins of some old fort or visit a national park and camp under the night sky or want to hike and swim at the same place, there is no better option that the Boston Harbor Islands for the same. There are almost 34 narrow isles that are scattered all around the harbor and the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. Visiting the place will surely be a thrilling experience for visitors.

Sam Adams Brewery

Visiting Boston and missing out on Sam Adams Brewery would be a mistake. Located in Jamaica Plain neighborhood, visitors can take a look at the beer-making process in the microbrewery. Interestingly, it is also possible to taste a sample of the beer that is freshly prepared. The Boston Beer Museum is also located at the same place.

The Freedom Trail

Any visitor to Boston Massachusetts will make sure to visit the famous Freedom Trail in the city. The trail measures two and a half miles and has almost all the historic landmarks in the route. People who want to know Boston from close quarters will love the trail. It takes 3-4 hours to explore the Freedom Trail in detail and visit all the important sites that come on the way.

Fenway Park

Baseball enthusiasts visiting Boston cannot miss out on Fenway Park. The park has hosted innumerable baseball games and tournaments since 1912 and thrilled crowds to no extent. The park is home to Major League Baseball’s Boston Red Sox. If the team does not have a match during your stay in Boston, you can go to the Park and take a scenic tour of the Park where stalwarts of baseball have shown up at some point of time or other.

These are just some of the important places of attractions in Boston. On reaching Boston via the highly discounted business class flights from SkyLux Travel, you can explore many more destinations in the American city that suits your tastes and preferences. Travelers to Boston are so enriched with their travel experience that most of them prefer to come back again to the city to know the place in an even better manner.

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