5 Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya, India

Living root bridge Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a state of hills situated within North East India.It is one of India’s seven sister states. Meghalaya is translated from Meghalaya, the Hindi phrase “abode of clouds”, which refers to this charming state. It can awe you in keeping with its names by its lush green forests and valleys with high rainfall and diverse biodiversity. Meghalaya is more […]

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Top 6 Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh, India

Manali - Himalaya

Himachal Pradesh was and still is a popular tourism and travel destination for people from all around the world. The state is stunningly beautiful and has many stunning destinations that will delight tourists. From picturesque mountains to green valleys, all of Himachal Pradesh is extremely precious in its natural surroundings. It is so easy to find beautiful destinations to explore […]

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Pauri Garhwal: A Paradise of Beauty, Culture and Colors of Nature

Pauri Garhwal Uttarakhand, India

Pauri Garhwal is a beautiful city in the state of Uttarakhand. Surrounded by the Himalayan valleys, Pauri Garhwal is one of the beautiful places in Uttarakhand. Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand state is the third-largest district of Uttarakhand in terms of area. Pauri district comes under the Garhwal division of Uttarakhand state. Surrounded by mountains all around, the Pauri district […]

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Kanyakumari Travel Guide : The Best Way to Plan an Ideal Holiday

welcome to Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari has an appealing aura that draws everyone. You can sense this instantly when you place your first step. It appears as you have moved to another home. Kanyakumari is a place for you, especially if you want some peace and enjoyment. Kanyakumari is the hometown of Ayyavazhi. It is the southernmost point of India, bordered by the three great […]

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