Sea Kayaking In Phuket

While on vacation in Phuket most travelers desire at some point to leave the white sandy beaches and try other activities. While there is lots to do on Thailand’s largest island, there does seem to be a strangling stronghold by the largest tourist operators on the travel desks that sell the tours in the popular international hotels. Often it is […]

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Five Exotic Destinations In Thailand You Wouldn’t Like To Miss

Travel in Thailand has become a desire for people looking for exotic travel experience. Every year millions of people from all over the world visit Thailand to explore the beauty of beaches, natural landscapes and magnificent culture of the country. If you have a fetish for a relaxing beach holiday you can choose any one of the travel destinations in […]

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Bus Route in Thailand

In Thailand, you will get buses to everywhere you want to reach. An inter city bus route gives an excellent service throughout the city. But they are slow and very uncomfortable while the journey is long. Some of the buses are air-conditioned and a bit costly. But it can be said that having a private car arrangement is always preferable […]

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