Bus Route in Thailand

In Thailand, you will get buses to everywhere you want to reach. An inter city bus route gives an excellent service throughout the city. But they are slow and very uncomfortable while the journey is long. Some of the buses are air-conditioned and a bit costly. But it can be said that having a private car arrangement is always preferable because in that case you can enjoy the time flexibility. In other popular country routes, you’ll get minibuses. These are usually air conditioned. These are costlier than the other buses but take less time to reach the destination.

Thailand city bus

Bus routes are also available within towns and cities. In most of the towns pick up vans are there with two benches in the back. These vans have their fixed routes at 50 baht for a short journey. You can also hire these vans for private use. But the fare should be properly fixed before setting off. In Bangkok and other larger cities, standard taxis are available. Most of these are color coded while some are air conditioned and some are not.

Three wheeled Tuk-Tuk is also famous in Thailand. This is named after the sputter of its little two-stroke engine. But these are only available for private hire. Costlier than private taxis these are not that comfortable. You should bargain about the fare. Some of the hotels have their own chauffeur-driven Tuk-Tuk.

If you are really adventurous in life, another exciting option is waiting for you. You can hire a passing motorbike-taxi. The drivers of these vehicles usually wear brightly-colored and numbered bib-jackets. The drivers occasionally supply helmets for their passengers. In Thailand, if you have an option to avoid the roadways please do that. In Bangkok, you have skytrain, new Metro, canal boats and also longtails which you can avail to avoid road journeys.

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