How to Get The Best Discount Theatre Tickets

Lyceum Theatre

Going to London and watching a show at the Lyceum Theatre is surely going to be a great experience. The wonderful shows that they have are truly exciting, but sometimes watching a show can cost way more than you think. There are some people who buy tickets in the last row just to watch a show, but there are still many ways to save money on tickets. Read ahead and you will learn how to get the best discounted theatre tickets.

How to Get the Best Discount Theatre Tickets

London Theatre Passport

This online program has plenty of discounts to a huge number of west end shows in London. There are times when they won’t have so many tickets to different shows, but they usually have a huge list of special offers for the shows that they do have discounts for. Be prepared to pay for a membership fee. However, you shouldn’t join if you don’t see discounts for your favorite stores.

Viator has access to some of the most famous shows in London. Even though they may have some limitations on which shows are available, you will find plenty of great shows that can be found for very cheap. The website is easy to use, and you can easily find a nice set of tickets pretty quickly before the official show date.

tkts in Leicester Square

The tkts in Leicester Square is actually known for being the “half-price discounted booth” for the discounts that they offer. The tickets that they sell are for many shows throughout the London Lyceum Theatre. The tickets they offer are available on the day of the show and up to a week before the show dates. There are so many people who consistently visit this booth in Leicester Square to help themselves on saving money.

If you would like to save a lot of money on different shows in London, then the above resources should all be helpful to finding a huge list of discounted Box Office tickets. Some people are often shocked at how many different discounted tickets there really are on the market. You can easily find discounted show tickets on the day of the event or even a week or more in advance. All you have to do is consistently look for them. With the resources above, it is very possible to cutoff 10% to 40% on your next west end show in London.

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