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Jurong Bird Park is one of the most notable tourist attractions in Singapore. This bird park is thronged by thousands of  tourists who  visit the Lion  City. If you are  interested in  Animal  kingdom and  want to  spend a  wonderful time in the realm of  nature then a visit  to  the Jurong  Bird  park  in  Singapore  should  find  a place in your itinerary. You will  have  loads of  fun  in this bird park which is considered  as  the  largest  bird  park in Asia.  The bird park is a wonderful tourist spot where people of every age can  enjoy a happy time. There are a number of shows in this bird parks that are sure to catch your eyes.

Jurong Bird park

Jurong Bird park is home to over 9000 birds and over 600 species. The birds are of different shape, size or  color. As  you  step into  this  amazing  bird  park in Singapore  you  will  be taken  to a different world  that is  filled with colorful  winged friends and  melodious  chirping of birds.  The kids are sure to have  a  wonderful  time in this bird park. If you love bird watching you will also have a great time here.

In this Singapore bird park you can see a number of shows. The Bird and Buddies show is one of the  most notable  shown  in  this  Bird Park in Singapore.  This show is  designed  by   a producer from  Las Vegas.  In this  show Bird  Inspired  characters as well as  live birds  are  used. Other shows in this  bird park  includes birds  of  prey show,  where  you can  catch a  bird. There are  a number of  other interesting shows like the  penguin parade,  learn  to be  a falconer and Southeast Asian  Bird Aviary.  You should  also pay a  visit to  The African  Wetland an African-themed  exhibit with African hut, a water body and  many  endangered species  of birds.

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