Hong Kong – My Favorite Destination in the World

I was very happy when my friend’s decided to take a trip to Hong Kong. We all had been working very hard at our respective work places. A break was needed by all of us. What better way to unwind than take a holiday. Holidays help you relax yourself. They are very essential because all of us need to take a break from our regular routine. Thus going for a holiday annually or may be even twice in a year is very important. To keep giving your best at your work you need to take a break after every few months. The most important thing to do before going on any holiday is finding cheap flights. This is the difficult part as finding cheap flights to Hong Kong can be quite a task if the holiday season is going on.

Hong Kong city

There are many Flights to Hong Kong like Air India, British Airways and Lufthansa. They operate on daily bases from all the major cities. You can also consult a travel agency that will be able to find you cheap tickets to Hong Kong. After much research and effort we finally managed to find a very good deal on airline tickets.  We were all ready to have a fabulous time. This place has a lot of activities that one can take part in. There are a lot of tourist attractions. The city has a lot of beautiful beaches as well, which are a must to visit. We decided to visit Ocean Park and Disney Land. Our day at Ocean Park was spectacular. It is one of the best theme parks in the world. There are amazing rides that are sure to get your adrenaline levels soaring. We spent an entire day here at the park.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

We even visited the famous dolphin show and I must tell you that it was marvelous. Hong Kong is place which is an amazing destination to visit. If you are fond of eating food, then this is the place for you. You will find all the cuisines that you can imagine. Try out the street food here. It is a must have. We friends had a great time here. We would spend the evening’s having a great time in a great restaurant. The night life here is very happening. You can visits bars and lounges. They place the latest music. You will find the finest of Hong Kong’s crowd here. We managed to do quite a bit of shopping for ourselves. As the place is supposed to be the next fashion capital after Paris you will find the latest fashion trends here. I had a great time here with my friends and look forward to visit this place again.

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