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The Czech Republic is a very beautiful country and for century’s people from all over the world have prized the fabulous glass and lead free crystal produced there. Today, Prague one of the most stunning capitals of Europe, is a popular holiday destination with its charming cobbled stones, elegant avenues, beautiful bridges and shops full of Czech Bohemian glass and crystal ‘objets d’art’.

Beautiful Prague

Walking down to the Old Town Square is a magical experience and one that’s extremely rewarding if you are on the hunt for crystal treasures. Aptly named Czech Crystal on Celetná, is just one of the fabulously filled shop. It’s full of Bohemian glass and simply beautiful, delicate crystal objects including chandeliers fit for a palace.

Crystal objects and Bohemian glass on display in Prague

Crystal objects and Bohemian glass on display in Prague

Beautiful Crystal

The beauty of shopping for crystal objects in the capital is that you can find almost anything – and if you fall in love with a large item there’s never a problem because shipping is arranged for you to your home. Nothing is too much trouble and with so many visitors to Prague now wanting to collect crystal objects and Bohemian glass, the whole process has been made very easy.

One of the most popular makers is Svarowski – a firm favourite with brides on their wedding days. But there is such a vast choice of well-known names as well as the more artisan pieces that you need a few days to tour around the capital to discover everything that’s on offer.

Crystal Glass Factories

It is definitely worth visiting a few of the many glass blowing factories. Starting with the one at Czech Crystal. A tour around the glass works gives you an idea of how talented the glass blowers are. But a visit to a smaller artisan glass blower workshop is a real treat too, because you get that much closer to where the action is.

Whilst in the Old Town Square, it’s also worth visiting Erpet Bohemian Crystal – another large affair that’s opposite the Astronomical Clock in this historic square. The shop is full of crystal ‘objet d’arts’, functional pieces of Bohemian glass and lovely ornate ornaments of every kind. If you’re looking to start a collection of Czech crystal, this is one place that’s definitely worth taking a peak at.

Crystal production in the Czech Republic

Crystal production in the Czech Republic

Another shop in the centre of Prague is Moser Glass – and again there are some stunning pieces of crystal on offer in the store. The glass is tough yet as brilliant as any lead crystal in the world – but without any lead whatsoever used in its fabrication. The way the crystal is manufactured makes it ideal for engraving and in Prague engraved crystal is their forte.

Raw materials used to make the crystal is silica sand, potash, recycled glass and chemicals which are then all processed so as to determine the hardness, colour and brilliance of the crystal. Taking a tour around the glass works at Karlovy Vary, gives visitors a real feel of how the crystal is worked by skilled glass blowers who produce all these wonderful items.


It is possible to buy Czech crystal and Bohemian glass in many countries all over the world – it’s widely exported all over the globe. However, visiting Prague is an experience not to be missed; travelling at Easter is particularly desirable. There is a lot to see and admire in this historic capital, and it is always nice to go to the source, to where products are actually made. The city itself is a mine of shops and galleries, all of which are full of delightful, delicate Czech crystal. Some kitsch, some tasteful but the one thing that’s consistent is the quality and brilliance of each piece which is second to none.

Czech Crystal

Opening times: Monday through to Sunday 10am till 10pm with the glass furnace being open every day from 10am to 6pm (there is a fee to get in).

Erpet Bohemina Crystal

Open every day from 10am till 11pm

Moser Glass

Opening times 1st April – 30th October Monday through to Sunday 10am till 10pm

1st November – 31st March, Monday through to Friday 10 am till 7pm


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