Romantic London: Things to Do In London for Honeymoon

Do not be too predictable and surprise your spouse by taking her to an unusual honeymoon trip to London. The capital of England has an unlimited fare of alternative honeymoon options, which will surely wow your partner.

To get a touch of romance in London, here some off beat things in which you can indulge with your partner.

The Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral

This is the sweetest thing you can do for your partner. Take her to this iconic building in London and whisper sweet nothings against the walls and you will be heard on the opposite side. But, just make sure, you are whispering to the right person!

The World’s Longest Champagne Bar

Plan a meeting at St Pancras Station, under Paul Day’s 30-feet tall statue. This is world’s longest champagne bar on station platform, where you can drink champagne with your love. Just make sure that you get to sit at one of the heated banquette seats, making it more romantic and cosy.

Preach Love in the National Theatre

Do not know how to express your love through poems? Then why not let the poets and playwrights do it for you? Take your partner to London’s National Theatre and attend a range of classic, modern, and bizarre shows. Located on beautiful South Bank, this theatre is full of activities and fun for couples as well as family visitors. Do not miss the action here, as it is the best way to preach love to your loved one.

Sit Down to Afternoon Tea

London is home to some of the finest dining places in the world. And, if you are on a romantic honeymoon, then you are sure to find a place to enjoy quintessential British afternoon tea.

The Veranda at The Goring Hotel is the perfect spot to enjoy a serene afternoon with your spouse, sipping in some hot tea with delicious snacks. The Goring Hotel has an excellence of more than 103 years in serving best afternoon tea for its guests. The stylish surroundings and impeccable presentation make it a memorable occasion to take an afternoon tea at The Goring.

Chocolate Walking Tours

Love and chocolates go hand in hand. So, when in London, why miss this lovely chocolate walking tour? The Chocolate Walking Tours in Knightsbridge offer chocolate sampling, hot chocolates, and VIP discounts. Take your spouse to explore the origin of chocolate and modern day trends of chocolate making. This is a chocoholic’s dream. From morning until evening, spoil your partner with lots of chocolates.

Trip to Harrods

Your honeymoon trip is incomplete without a visit to Harrods. Even if you cannot afford to shop here, but it is still a worth to see it sumptuous Food Hall. Harrods opulent Food Hall offers everything from confectionery and sweets to chocolates and gift hampers. If you cannot afford luxury shopping here, just catch a glimpse at their luxury shopping products.

Unwind and Relax

After a day full of sightseeing and activities, you can always unwind and relax with your dear one at a London spa. The city is overflowing with number of indulgent spas and has a variety to suit every budget. Ajala Spa at Grange City Hotel offers tailor-made packages to enjoy ultimate shared-spa experiences in the capital. You get your own therapists, who will perform treatments of your choice. You can even enjoy total privacy amidst its harmony suite with your partner. If this does not pleasure your spouse, then nothing will.

There are much more romantic things to do in London on your honeymoon and you find them all here

Take out some pleasurable time and try out all these activities in London. Honeymoon is surely the best time in every couple’s life. So, why think too much, when you have so much opportunities in the capital.

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