The Tales Of Crumlin Road Gaol

Former prison, Crumlin Road Gaol, finally closed its doors in 1996 and after a series of modern day renovations the prison was re-opened as one of Ireland’s biggest and most popular tourist attractions. It is found on many of the Northern Ireland tours and its early history enthrals all those who visit.

As you walk the narrow halls of the prison, you’ll be exposed to the dark secrets of the Crumlin Road Gaol and visit the undisturbed rooms of former prisoners who were sentenced to death. During the tour you will witness the states in which prisoners had to live in and have a real feel for their torment which began in 1845.

Not only does the prison hold an admittedly interesting yet ghoulish history, there have also been frequent reports of paranormal activity happening within its walls. In total, the building has witnessed 17 brutal executions over the 150 years it has been standing. The first execution was made in 1854 and the last in 1961, most through the grisly method of hanging.

The executions were held in a room on the C-wing which back then was known as the ‘condemned man’s cell’ where all 17 sentences were carried out. Even today the eerie presence of the noose still remains and serves as a reminder of those who died in that very room. All of the prisoners were buried with unmarked graves with the only chilling reminder of the men’s stay in the prison being their initials scratched into the wall by an unsteady hand.

Northern Ireland is a great place to visit

Northern Ireland is a great place to visit

Paranormal activity on this ward includes doors reportedly slamming by themselves, the sound of male and female voices calling out for help and a man who still walks the pathways of the C-ward has also been reported on a number of occasions. However, surprisingly this is not said to be the most haunted area of the prison.

The B-wing is home to a room known as the padded cell where people have recounted feeling a sense of uneasiness and the clear presence of a figure that lurks in the corners of the room along with some visitors even claiming they have been touched or even pushed inside the room.

In the D-wing there have been sightings of wardens and prisoners alike that stand in the doorways watching the passing visitors along with reports of items vanishing into thin air and being violently thrown across rooms accompanied by doors slamming shut by their own accord.

These ghosts have been reported to stalk the halls and haunt the rooms with strange happenings that shock visitors to say the least.

Crumlin road Gaol is a fantastic walk.

Crumlin road Gaol is a fantastic walk.

With terrifying, unexplainable noises, ghostly sightings and other paranormal happenings you will be shown one of Belfast’s darkest eras in history and its most haunted sites. Don’t be fooled, this tour is not for the faint hearted but serves as an excellent and informative day out for all of the history enthusiasts and dedicated ghost hunters out there.

For a truly frightening, but otherwise excellent day out find out more about the various Northern Ireland tours available.


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