Apple Cider: The Perfect Fall Treat

As the days begin to cool, as the leaves begin to change, thoughts turn to those special treats that come with fall and winter. One of the most popular drinks for cold weather is apple cider; and for those in the know, the best kind is from Cold Hollow.

Cold Hollow Cider Mill is located in Waterbury Center, Vermont. While many mills are slowing down or only open for the fall season, Cold Hollow continues to grow and expand. Open for nearly 40 years, they make their cider the old fashioned way—with a vintage rack and cloth press. This consists of sending cleaned apples through a grinder to become “pomace”, which is then pumped into a cheesecloth-covered rack. When it’s full, the cheesecloth is folded over and another rack is placed on top. Once the cart is full of 18 racks, it goes into the press, which squeezes out all the good stuff, leaving only the dry seeds, stems, and skins behind. The process is so impressive that the mill has become a top tourist attraction in Vermont. The apples are pressed at their peak, so the cider is also at its best. During the fall, when the local McIntosh apples are optimum, there is no comparison to the delicious drink.

Apple Cider isn’t just good in a drink, though. There are a variety of products that take the taste to a completely new level. Everyone knows of the popular beverage and probably of the vinegar, but what about cider barbeque sauce, syrup or jelly? Cold Hollow specializes in cider products, but also in local goodies like maple syrup, honey, and cheese. One of the most popular items is the apple cider donut. The freshly made treat has a soft, sweet center, with a perfectly browned crust on the outside, and it has been called one of the top four donuts in the entire country. While touring the mill, you can’t help but follow the enticing smells from the bakery.

For those who can’t make a trip to the mill, most of the products are available online. If you’re craving the perfect donut, they can be shipped and include specific instructions on the best reheating technique for a “just came off the donut machine at the mill” taste. If you’re not sure on shipping donuts, they also sell a cider donut mix so you can make your own. Even the classic apple cider is available online, but can only be shipped from October 1st through April 1st.

Here are some of the great benefits that apple cider provides:

–           It supports the local economy

–           It is a perishable food that must be refrigerated, so the apples are grown and pressed locally.

–           It promotes good health

–           It’s 100% pure juice, nothing added, nothing removed, an ideal blend of crisp and sweet, tart and tangy at the same time.

There’s nothing better than a product made purely from its ingredients, and that’s exactly what you get with apple cider, so as fall descends, remember a hot cup of cider is the perfect end to a cold winter night.

Guest Author: This article was written by Sarah Miller.
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