Fabulous Places to Visit in India during Monsoon

Summer season is observed to remain in action for long when compared with other season, especially this can be observed in the north India. The way summer season lead to drying and heating up of everything, on the other hand monsoon brings liveliness among all the living beings. There is no doubt that the monsoon season brings smile not only in the face of humans but also in plants and animals.

The onset of rains switches on the mood of having pakoras with hot masala tea and sitting back on the relaxing chair in your balcony and enjoying the rain. But do you know, you can multiply your enjoyment by choosing a particular place that not only refreshes your mind but also soothes your body, mind and soul. And India is loaded with places that is not only going to add good memories to your existing ones but also help enjoying the tourism services in India at affordable rates.

Now this post is going to cover some of the places which many of you might have visited or traveled, but there are some places that may be new to you. Starting from terrace farming mountains through the hilly slopes, covered with lush greenery and sparkling water flowing from the mountains further adds beauty to picturesque view.

Well if you are looking for some brand new places, which you haven’t heard before, then you are not going to regret after going through this post. On one one hand, monsoon brings lots of happiness for everyone, it also leads to some bad news as well. That is occurrence of natural calamities also increases, for instance landslides, avalanche and many more incidents. So, before heading towards these spots it is best to check the weather forecast in advance, to avoid any sort of problems.

Here are top 4 destinations which you wouldn’t have heard commonly

Before you immerse yourself completely in the most amazing places of India, it is necessary to have knowledge about some of the most common places that can save time and money of yours as well. Or childhood days, many of us have visited the Mussoorie, Golden Temple and many others.

But in case if you are a wanderer who loves the smell of wet soil and rustling of leaves creating a sweet breeze that altogether creates a very good experience.

Top 4 locations to relax and give a treat to your eyes


Shillong, India

The beautiful place which is a part of Meghalaya where the temperature is usually around 15°C. This place is one of those places which receives highest rainfall. Shillong is encircled by beautiful valleys of Khasi and Jayanti hills making it a spot of picturesque view. This is not the end of magnificence beauty of this place, different waterfalls and dense green cover makes it a favourite destination for newlywed couples.

What you can do: Trekking, boating and wildlife viewing is another activity in which you can participate.

Best for: Nature lovers, culture vulture and couples.

How you can reach this destination: If you are planning to go to this place via train then the nearest railway station is in Guwahati. The Guwahati railway station is connected to major big cities such as New Delhi and many more.

Attractions: the trekking route David Scott trail is one of the most famous tourist destination spot in Meghalaya.

You can select hotel as per your convenience.

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Darjeeling, India

This place is most prominently known as “The Queens of Hills”, and the place is located in the foothills of Himalayas. Due to the surrounding areas, Darjeeling receives heavy rainfall every monsoon.

What you can do: toy train ride, Darjeeling Monastery, adventurous activities or sports, tea plantation visit and shopping

Best for: Nature lovers, families and honeymooners

How you can reach this destination: You can either take a flight to Kolkata and then from their hire a cab or bus. The second way is to go via train, the nearest railway station is Jalpaiguri which is around 62 km away from main location of Darjeeling town.

Attractions: toy train ride and boarding the Rangeet valley passenger adds beautiful memories to your list.

Coming back to rainfall this place receives huge amount of rainfall which altogether helps in taking the tourism sector of India to an advanced level. The average temperature in Darjeeling is around 18°C.


Ranikhet, India

If you are a peace lover and want to undergo the process of cleansing, then this place is one of the calmest places wherein you will get satisfaction and would love to get lost in the enthralling beauty of hills, then Ranikhet is the place only meant for you.

What you can do: You can indulge in the trekking activity and temple hopping.

Best for: Honeymooners, excursionist of nature and wildlife.

How you can reach this destination: there is no direct train to reach to this location, but the nearest railway station is kashipur. From there you can take a taxi and reach Ranikhet, you can also come from Kathgodam railway station as per your ease.

Attractions: valley of flowers, Hemkunt Sahib (an important shrine of Punjabi). If you are lucky enough then you will get an opportunity to have a sight of snow leopard, black bear of Asian origin and birds.

The temperature remains cold for all year around, and if the temperature becomes hot for two or three days continuously, then rain happens all of sudden making the climate once again cold.


Wayanad, India

This is a beautiful place located in the lap of Kerala, where the temperature stays near to the scale of 18°C, making it one of the best place to spend time with their near and dear ones. In the month 0f monsoon this place becomes one of the best place that irrespective of Indians and foreigners, everyone enjoys their stay and feel the nature closely. There is also a festival named Splash that highlights the specialty of Wayanad especially in the month of monsoon and beautiful this place turns in Monsoon season.

What you can do: taking a walk through plantation, camping, trekking and a good place for those who are enthusiastic about nature.

Best for: Honeymooners, excursionist of nature and wildlife.

How you can reach this destination: There is no nearby railway station in Waynad location, but the nearest option is Nilambur road.

Attractions: trekking, sightseeing and splash festival to celebrate monsoon.

The temperature stays near to the scale of eighteen degrees only, with rainfall almost all year round.

Likewise there are many other places which are helping in boosting the tourism sector in India and raising the eyebrows of foreigners by giving them amazing traveling options.

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