Top 8 Things to do in Saint Martin, Sint Maarten Island

saint martin island

Saint Martin Island, or Sint Maarten as it’s known in Dutch, is an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands located on the northern side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. It’s under French rule, but don’t let that deter you from visiting! There are plenty of things to do here to make your vacation complete. From touring the island by car or scooter, to visiting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, here are some top 8 things to do in Saint Martin, Sint Maarten Island!

1) Take A Hike On Guavaberry Trail

Guavaberry Trail is a hike that will lead you through six different islands. The trail is only 5 kilometers long and should take between two and four hours depending on how fast you go. It’s a relatively easy hike with no real obstacles on it at all. It has several rest areas along it as well. There are several things to see along Guavaberry Trail, some of which include beautiful rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

2) Eat At Hilltop Restaurant

You don’t need me to tell you that island food is delicious and diverse. In St. Martin you can choose French, Creole, Dutch or even Chinese food depending on where you go. But if I had to choose one place that is quintessentially Caribbean then I would recommend going to Hilltop Restaurant on Orient Beach. They have amazing seafood, as well as a menu full of local delicacies and fresh fruit juices. It’s a great restaurant for big groups and families who want a really relaxed day with good food at affordable prices (less than 20 euro for an entire meal). If you want to go there and confused to choose flight ticket then i want to tell you book with Spirit Airlines Fly and get exclusive flight deals, special offers on your trip.

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3) Have a Romantic Dinner At Calmos Café

After a long day at sea snorkeling and exploring on land, go relax at Calmos Cafe. Located right on Orient Beach (one of many beaches there) it’s by far one of our favorite restaurants with some amazing views. Choose from a variety of delicious fresh seafood served up with great wine. The menu changes daily depending on what they catch that morning while sailing around their islands so it’s definitely a place you have to try! You can reserve a table or just sit at the bar—it’s an extremely popular spot so be sure to plan ahead!

4) Go To Maho Beach for the Planes and Sunsets

Maho beach Saint-martin

One of the island’s most popular ways to get immersed in your surroundings is through scuba diving. The Caribbean waters off Saint Martin are a little more shallow than other parts of Bermuda and therefore they tend to be less murky as well. Coral reefs also ring much of Simpson Bay Lagoon and divers can find coral caverns, rock reefs and underwater shipwrecks. For those who aren’t experienced divers yet want an up-close look at underwater beauty, there are also snorkeling tours available.

5) Eat at The Oyster Pond

oyster pond Saint martin

The Oyster Pond Restaurant is located on Oyster Pond and offers diners a wide selection of fine seafood including lobster. If you visit St. Maarten during lobster season it’s a must try! Although lobster is in season only once or twice a year, you can enjoy crab legs, conch fritters, fish fingers and other specialties at The Oyster Pond on any given day. They also have great daily specials as well as excellent burgers and sandwiches for those who prefer land based food over ocean dwelling delicacies. The restaurant has live music nightly starting around 5pm which adds to its appeal as an enjoyable dinner spot.

6) See Iguana Crossing on Dawn Patrol Road

You don’t see many iguanas on motorcycles. The road from Marigot to Grand Case is a scenic ride with lots of sightseeing opportunities. Of course, it’s not just about scenery. Watch for iguanas—the wild animals tend to gather on roadsides where there are enough rocks for basking in full sun and soft earth for burrowing into. And watch out: Cars tend to speed on these roads because they look so inviting! When you reach Dawn Patrol Bay, you can either turn around and head back or continue onto Grand Case Beach for a picnic lunch and an end-of-the-day swim. But be sure you beat all those iguanas to that comfy perch overlooking Dawn Patrol Bay!

7) Visit Casino Royale Beach Bar & Grill

This beachside restaurant serves up some of St. Martin’s finest French cuisine right in front of its namesake beach. (Antillean $$) What’s more, you can enjoy a beautiful ocean view while you dine. And check out your spiritairlines flight status. If that isn’t enough to entice you then try their delicious cocktails or fantastic lunch menu which includes dishes like Eggs Benedict with Chilled Tomato Soup and Steak Salad with Fries. Stop by Casino Royale Beach Bar & Grill today!

8) Get Scuba Diving Certificates in Simpson Bay Lagoon

If you’re already a certified diver, or if you simply want to get certified, there are several dive shops on-island that can make it happen for you. For example, Marigot Bay Divers will give you all of your PADI Open Water certificates and PADI Advanced Certificates (SSI not included) so that once your dives are finished, you can call yourself a scuba diver! If you want to become a scuba diving instructor after coming back from vacation, they also offer training courses and certification packages! As an added bonus: they throw in some delicious food while taking their course, as well as beautiful catered lunches every day!

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