List of Best Museums in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is home to many interesting features and museums to visit. These museums document the rich English culture and notably that of Scottish citizens. They contain past human remains, old forms of literature, and artifacts among other important things.

Among these museums include Surgeons’ Hall Museums, Museum on the Mound, Museum of Childhood, National Museum of Flight, and national Museum of Scotland among others.

1.    Surgeons Hall Museum

Surgeons Hall Museum

The museum a pocketbook whose wallet is made by William Burke’s skin. He was a dangerous and daring body snatcher and killer who used to kill people and sell their bodies for anatomy studies and dissection in Edinburgh.-Key artifacts in the museum include dried varnished hearts, skulls and gangrenous fingers kept in glass jars.-It will require a person of thick skin or one used to anatomy to feel safe in this historical rich museum with body parts stuffed in jars.

2.    Museum on the Mound

This museum majorly highlights monetary issues and history of Scottish nationals and the British.-The museum is located in the bowels of Bank of Scotland building on the Mound.-Entry to the museum is free and the museum is open virtually throughout the week though at different times of the day. For instance, from Tuesday to Friday it is opened from 8.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M while on Monday it opens from 1.00 P.M to 5.00 P.M.-It also opens throughout the weekend.-The museum has seven rooms which show in detail how money and currency has evolved for the last four thousand years.

3.    Museum of Childhood

This museum was founded by Patrick Joseph Murray in the 1950 in a bid to recount the social history of childhood. The museum covers four stories. The place has an extensive collection of child games, toys, dolls, teddy bears and children’s clothes. There is also a public address system with children’s voices and nursery rhymes and songs being heard. Museum of Childhood is designed to rekindle those old childhood memories for everything here looks childish and is dedicated to kids and shows in detail how childhood has been practiced through generations.

4.    National Museum of Scotland

National Museum of Scotland is evidently the mother of all museums in Edinburgh, Scotland.-The museum was recently refurbished to include sixteen galleries and over eight thousand objects for viewing.-The stuffed animals are portrayed in the open and not tucked behind glasses making the moment worthwhile and easy to photograph them.-Among major attractions in the museum includes Dolly the sheep, a jawbone of a sperm whale, artifacts from major cultures globally, a great collection of animals and various displays covering transport, communication and technology historically and present.

5.    National Museum of Flight

Located just outside Edinburgh, this museum showcases the journey of planes and jets right from the days of Wright brothers to the present advancement in aviation.-The mighty Concorde shipped to Scotland in 2004 also sits in this museum and is one of the former mighty aircraft which rocked the skies in past years.-The museum is child-friendly and contains a collection of about fifty planes both commercial and military. A Boeing 707 is also found in the museum.-Every bit of advancement in aviation is well documented and recorded here in details. One can learn this advancement with so much ease and fun. These Edinburgh museums no doubt contain so much history.

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