Adventurous Wildlife Tours in Thailand You Just Can’t Miss

Thailand is famous for its lush forests and mountains which are populated by an intriguing range of wildlife. Wildlife Tours are famous in Thailand; visitors arrive in droves to enjoy the incredible wildlife in Thailand, to check out primates that look inordinately human and much more. Close encounters are possible with elephants, bears, crocodiles and reticulated pythons which are the longest snakes in the world. You can also check out flying dragons and hornbills along with over 900 other species of birds. Thailand has its share of large cats too – so be prepared to spot the elusive tiger or leopard. The wildlife in Thailand is spread out among the countries many natural reserves and parks, so it’s a good idea to sign up for as many tours as possible to get close up to fantastic creatures of the wild.

1. Huai Kha Khaeng Park Tour

Huai Kha Khaeng Park

Huai Kha Khaeng is well known among wildlife conservationists. This park has played a huge role in the preservation of the world’s largest Indochinese Tiger population. Not many tourists can be found here at this park, so you’re more likely to encounter a tiger in the wild than other tourists. The park is still very untouched, as there are no quality hotels or amenities to speak of. But if you’re a true wildlife naturalist, you’ll love this park for its true treasures.

2. Kaeng Krachan National Park Tour

Kaeng Krachan national park is Thailand’s largest wildlife park, but again, rarely visited by tourists due to lack of amenities. Sign up for a wildlife tour and get ready for a mega adventure the moment the camp is set up. You’ll be taken further into the wilderness via a challenging off-road track interspersed with multiple river crossings. The narrow track is lined on both sides by tall primary forest trees through which you can spot a diverse range of wildlife. You will see incredible animals such as bears and leopards and many others, out in the wild and not behind bars. The park also has a rich birdlife such as the white-fronted scops-owl, peacock-pheasants, hornbills, broadbills, and even the ratchet-tailed Treepie!

3. Khao Yai National Park Tours

Khao Yai National Park Tours

If you’re looking for the most popular national park in Thailand, then it is Khao Yai. Not only is it blessed with impressive primary forest, but it teems with plenty of waterfalls which act like a beacon to wildlife. There’s a good chance of spotting almost every animal in Thailand in this forest. The tourist facilities are also good along with accessibility. Be ready to spot hornbills, elephants, gibbons, bears and macaques, deer, reptiles and lots more. This park is so rich in wildlife; you’ll feel it was worth obtaining a Thailand tourist visa just to explore this park.

4. Kui Buri National Park Tours

Kui Buri National Park

You’re virtually guaranteed to see wild elements at Kui Buri. There’s also a large Gaur population; in fact, you can see huge herds of gaurs meandering across the forest floor on a wildlife safari. Local farmers will help you through the park in secure vehicles and stop at the best lookout points. From there, you can watch the elephants playing about in the mud near waterfalls and blowing water at each other. Watching these incredible behemoths is a delightful experience.

5. Rainforest Adventure With Gibbons Tour

There’s a blissfully rich rainforest barely an hour away from Bangkok and Pattaya. It’s the best place to grab views of elusive birds. It’s also the best place for zip-lining through stunning views of the rainforest, waterfalls, hills and the incredible wildlife below. Zipline right over an elephant’s head or a gaping gaur’s mouth. Marvel at the incredible plethora of flora and fauna that flashes underneath you as you zipline by. Two rigorously trained Sky Rangers will accompany you as you fly to keep you safe. The best part? As you zipline across the roof of the rainforest, you’ll be accompanied by all the chattering gibbons and shrieking cicadas along with the sounds of the bubbling mountain streams below.

6. Elephant Care Tour in Chiang Mai

There’s a fantastic elephant camp just one hour north of Chiang Mai, where you can enjoy spending some quality time with elephants. The camp is at Tung La Korn village. You will need to change into a different set of clothes because elephants are messy creatures. Then your wildlife experience begins, after a briefing from your guide as to how to conduct yourselves with the elephants. You can now feed the baby elephants and the adults, bathe them, scrub them clean, and share your meal with them in the afternoon. These elephants are used to being handled and are incredibly gentle. Just be careful that kids don’t pinch or prod them. Treat them gently and they’ll reward you with such gentle affection that you’ll be truly touched.

7. Crocodile Tours at Samphran Elephant Zoo

Crocodile Tours Samphran Elephant Zoo

Samphran Elephant Zoo is just an hour away from Bangkok; it’s the ideal place to get up close to elephants and crocodiles. Elephants here are trained to entertain. They dance, ride 4-wheel barebones trucks, and allow you to feed and pet them as much as you want. You can also watch crocodile wrestling here – well-built men wrestling adult crocodiles without fear of being eaten. It’s an adrenaline pumping experience and you will be totally scared for the man who’ll be separating the crocodile’s jaws with his bare hands. Talk to mahouts, who are elephant caretakers, to learn more about the gentle behemoths.

8. Erawan National Park Tour

Erawan National Park Tour

Erawan National Park is a lush jungle near Kanchanaburi where more than 300 species of bird life live blissfully. Explore the local flora and fauna of the jungle and catch a glimpse of elusive birds flitting about. After dark, the real fun begins at Erawan National Park, when you explore the nocturnal side of the park with your guides. You’ll be up on a machan, or tree platform, from which you can see all the way to the Burmese border. From the platform, you can spot the great hornbills and many other canopy birds. You can also get a birds’ eye view of the forest canopy as well.


Thailand’s lush rainforests and jungles offer the perfect cover for dangerous creatures to move about safely. Follow all safety guidelines as you set about spotting elusive tigers and leopards amidst the lush growth. Thailand has the most incredibly diverse landscapes and you never know what you’ll spot next in its forests.

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