The Top 5 Activities To Enjoy On Your Lapland Break

The very prospect of travelling deep into the Arctic Circle, to Lapland, is a prospect that fills the vast majority of children with absolute thrill and wonderment. If such a trip can be taken close to the festive period of Christmas – well, then you really do have the ingredients for what the most magical of dreams are made of. But it isn’t just the kids who are chomping at the bit to spend a few fantastic days in Santa’s homeland – there are plenty of adults who would really relish such an opportunity, too.

If you are ever lucky enough to make the trip to beautiful and awe-inspiring Lapland, there are a number of activities that are an absolute must and you definitely should not miss under any cost. Here we take a look at the top 5 for you.

Sleigh Ride1. Take a sleigh ride

Now this really is magical, my friends! There is nothing more cosy and romantic than being wrapped up snugly in the back of an enchanted sleigh. As your reindeer take you on a trip through the crisp-white landscape and you and your children enjoy every last second of a ride that none of you will ever forget for the rest of your lives.

2. Meeting Santa himself

It would be sacrilegious to venture all the way to Lapland and not enjoy a Lapland Santa trip. This is your opportunity to catch one of the world’s most famous characters in his own home. It’s not just the kids who will probably be looking forward to this part of their Lapland holiday more than anything else.

3. Glimpsing the Northern Lights

If you are lucky enough to look up into the heavens at night and catch sight of the beautiful Aurora Borealis, consider yourself exceptionally blessed! Managing to catch a glimpse of the awesome Northern Lights is an experience that will remain with you forever.

4. Riding with huskies

This activity really is exciting and typically what you would expect on your snow-laden holidays in the Arctic Circle. Nothing says quintessentially Lapland more than a fabulous Husky ride through the snow.

5. Enjoy a snowmobile safari

This is actually more adrenaline-pumping than you might imagine, the snowmobiles move pretty quickly and its simply great fun! A snowmobile safari is a fantastic way of taking in the local landscape and scenery at a more action-packed pace.

So there you have it; the top 5 activities to enjoy on any Lapland holiday that will stay with you and your family for the rest of your days – make sure you make the best of your trip by planning well in advance and making sure you go with a reputable firm with a well established brand and who are protected by ATOL as they are the regulating body for travel agencies. Whatever you do Lapland is a beautiful country with sights you’ll surely never forgett – so book your holiday today and make sure you bring a smile with you when you travel to this snowy paradise of untouched serenity!

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