Best Family-Friendly Vacations in Africa

Everybody needs to get away once in a while but it can be impossible finding a place to go when you have kids. That’s because not every place you want to visit is family friendly. And, if you do find somewhere that the kids can be entertained, there’s often little in the way of things to do for you.

You can try using your bond to pay for luxury accommodation but barely anyone can afford that more than once or twice a year. However, don’t despair, there are a number of exceptional family-friendly vacation spots for you and the children and they don’t necessarily have to cost you your life’s savings.

Everybody, Climb In 

There are so many wonderful places in Africa where families can enjoy exquisite and memorable holidays. These are only a few of the best so keep exploring.

  • Take a trip to the Cape – The Cape has a number of magical offerings for parents and children alike but perhaps one of the best is the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. This is a place where children and adults alike can begin to understand nature and its relevance. Similarly, beaches such as St. James and Muizenberg play host to thousands of holiday travellers in the festive season and with good reason. Muizenberg is known as a hot local surf spot and St. James offers a safe and beautiful place for families to swim, with an ocean pool for youngsters.
Looking up to Table Top Mountain from Kalk Bay

Looking up to Table Top Mountain from Kalk Bay

The Bohemian suburb of Kalk Bay is best known for its fishing but also hosts a number of delightful night spots to shake to Cuban beats or have cocktails with the ocean literally splashing on your arms, depending on what you’re looking for. If you want to take the kids out at night, you can visit the Kalk Bay theatre for selected productions. And, on the other side of the coast, Camps Bay beach also offers wonderful surfing opportunities and high-end beachfront restaurants.

  • Edo’s Camp Botswana – Also known as the Footsteps camp, Botswana’s largely unrecognised treasure is a tour that is fit for the whole family. This camp is situated on a game reserve with open spaces perfect for children to run and play and excellent accommodation for adults to enjoy. Families will be able to witness buck, buffalo and giraffes going about their daily lives, a rare treat for any traveler. Besides, these are not the only animals to be found on the conservancy.
  • Adventure holidays in Madagascar – Anywhere in Madagascar is beautiful and warm as it’s near the equator. However, there are some facilities that cater to families specifically, making this beauty accessible to you, your significant other and of course, the kids. As the island (just off the coast of Africa) is home to species such as lemurs (100 subspecies to be exact) your children will get a chance to see some truly exotic and unique wildlife.
Breathtaking scenery on your Madagascar adventure holiday.

Breathtaking scenery on your Madagascar adventure holiday.

Activities include paddling, bird and crocodile watching, on-foot forest explorations, time swimming at the glorious white and turquoise beaches, as well as a trip to the Amber Mountain. Any child would be absolutely lucky to find themselves on an adventure such as this one, with such a myriad of sights and opportunities to enjoy nature.

  • A visit to Mundulea Nature reserve Namibia – Set just south of Otavi, this reserve boasts stretches of beautiful land, and an idyllic getaway from city life. Close enough to Etosha and the B1 (road) you’re out in the wild but not so far from civilization that you’re cut off. It embraces the concept of ‘restoration ecology’ and was bought to protect the various plant-life in the area. You and your family can enjoy the endless beauty and education that this getaway will provide you with.

All told, there are so many places to take the kids and get away for a family holiday. These suggested getaways have a range of family-friendly options with everything from child-minding services through to family safaris. Why not enjoy one of these breathtaking holidays with the people you love the most this season.

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Table Top Mountain, Kalk Bay, Cape Town

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