The Inside Out to Cornwall


Cornwall is located in the south of the United Kingdom. Cornwall is located in an island part of the United Kingdom, which adds to the beauty and mystic of the area. It has become increasingly popular with tourists from around the globe. People love to visit Cornwall for the coastline, the friendly people and the warm climate. What really attract a lot of visitors is the cultural attractions, people who have an interest of written and visual arts will love Cornwall. The area is great for couples, senior citizens, and especially families.

There is an abundance of things for a person to do and see in Cornwall. Anyone who visits Cornwall needs to check out The Eden Project, which is home to a massive collection of flora and fauna from around the globe. This is truly a spectacular site for kids and parents alike to see. They are housed in two separate domes for all to see. Anyone who appreciates natural beauty and the outdoors will appreciate Land’s End, where the United Kingdom meets the mighty Atlantic Ocean. This is not a huge tourist attraction with the typical amenities. Though there are some hotels, it is nonetheless, a great place to relax.

A lot of people appreciate castles, if you visit Cornwall and love castles, you will not be disappointed. The Tintagel castle is truly a spectacular site to see. This is where King Arthur was born. The castle was built by Earl Richard of Cornwall and is not only fun to look at, it is also a great place to learn some history. Further along, there is an attraction similar to Stonehenge called The Hurlers, they are a group of three large stone circles located in Cornwall. They are like the ones in Stonehenge, but they are smaller. The site is located approximately one kilometre away from the village of Minions and six kilometres north of Liskeard.

For the more adventures, there is the 29 kilometre mountain bike trail which goes along the river Carmel view. The bike ride is safe and fun for all ages and fitness levels. While those who prefer to walk should check out the South West Coast Path, this path goes through Britain’s south west peninsula. The path goes through some of the most beautiful areas of Britain, including the areas of Penwith. There are plenty of world class sea food restaurants within the area. There is also a number of tourists accommodating for any family size or budget range.

Anyone who visits Cornwall will certainly have a great time. Make sure to be safe if you visit the coast as it can be very treacherous. The crime rates are low, and there should be no problem with the locals or other tourists. Make sure when you visit Cornwall to take all the scenes in and enjoy yourself.


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