5 Unique Experiences to Have on Your Next Trip to Dubai

With its multitude of beaches, biggest-in-the-world structures, fine dining, and miles of luxury shopping, there is no doubt that Dubai is one of the world’s most famous destinations attracting people from all over the globe.

You may have heard stories from your friends and family, or seen videos or blog posts from travel bloggers and vloggers who have spent time in Dubai, and it is true what they say — anybody of any age can find a way to go a little crazy in Dubai!

Aside from the above, there are some other excursions and adventures that you can only have while visiting this spectacular city. After checking into the best all inclusive hotel in Dubai for a truly relaxing stay, it’s time to step outside and explore!

Here are five unique experiences to have on your next trip to Dubai.

1. Go on a Desert Safari Tour

A desert safari tour will give you and your travel companions a genuine feel of the desert quite unlike staying within Dubai city limits, surrounded only by skyscrapers and mega malls. For this reason, these types of dune tours are incredibly popular with travellers.

During the trip, you will be taken dune bashing and then guided to a perfect spot to watch the sunset from the desert. Finally, you will finish your tour at a model Bedouin camp where you can marvel at a belly dancing show, partake in a traditional Arabic barbecue, experiment wearing classic Emirati clothes, smoke shisha, and more.

Travel Tip: As you will be dune bashing on this excursion, make sure not to eat a huge meal before getting in that jeep!

2. Sunset-watch at the Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa Dubai

At 122 floors, the Burj Khalifa is a magnificent building that also claims the title as the world’s tallest structure. Visiting it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can only be made more magical by also witnessing a sunset from it.

If you are interested in seeing it (and who wouldn’t be), make the short trip to the top in time to see the golden hued sunset fall with a 360-degree view of the city. Don’t forget to bring your camera — you will certainly want to capture that moment!

Travel Tip: Make sure to reserve your spots in advance for half-priced tickets. For the most unobstructed views of the city, you would want to visit during the winter months. However, it is a must-see no matter what time of year.

3. Test Your Zip-Lining Speed Over the Dubai Fountain

If you can book a ride on the X-line, you are guaranteed to have an experience unlike any other. The X-line is a zip line ride that runs through the center of Downtown Dubai and over the Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest choreographed fountain system.

Due to the popularity of the Dubai Fountain ride, XLine Dubai recently opened a similar thrilling zip line ride over the Dubai Marina. This one is twice the distance and lasts for twice the time!

Travel Tip: If you are planning on riding the XLine, consider a stay at the best hotels in Dubai Marina.

4. Spend Your Last Pay Cheque in One of the World’s Largest Malls

For all shopaholics out there, there’s nowhere more exciting to shop than The Dubai Mall — one of the largest and fully air-conditioned malls in the world. Inside this mega mall is everything — from budget brands such as Payless and Forever 21 to the most luxurious of brands such as Manolo Blahnik and Louis Vuitton. For this reason, there is undoubtedly something to please everyone!

Travel Tip: Without a doubt, the earlier in the morning you arrive at The Dubai Mall, the quieter and more relaxing it will be for you to shop.

5. Conquer Your Fears by Diving into The Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai aquarium

For those of you who have ever found yourself longing to swim with sharks, The Dubai Mall Aquarium offers you a chance! Inside the Aquarium is a ten-million-liter tank filled with aquatic wildlife. If you choose to dive, you will be guided by qualified instructors who will ensure that you make it out alive!

Travel Tip: Don’t worry if you are not sure at first about diving in head first, not everyone likes the sound of it the first time! However, it is an adventure and something to check off your bucket list once and for all!

If you need any assistance finalizing your Dubai travel itinerary, or finding great restaurants and choosing the best places for souvenir shopping, JA Resorts & Hotels staff would be more than happy to help make your stay a truly unforgettable adventure.

Guest Author : Thomas Grundner is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for JA Resorts & Hotels. He has more than 20 years of expertise in the hospitality and leisure industry – across international markets including Germany, Egypt and Spain. Grundner oversees all sales, marketing and revenue efforts as the company continues to build on its key growth and development strategies and further cultivates its unique blend of “Heartfelt Hospitality” and “Casual Luxury.”
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