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While any kind of travel enlarges the mind and enriches the spirit, adventure travel is in a category all its own. Whether in the United States or in exotic locations, there is something about the adrenalin filled rough and tumble nature of it that emits an almost impossible-to-resist appeal. Below are five of the best adventure travel companies working today to fulfill their client’s dreams.

1. High Adventure Company

This particular company is a good fit for hunters. They arrange big game hunting trips all over the world. Fishing and shooting trips are also in their repertoire. As with all the companies, the prices vary depending on the specific location and trip selected, but, for example, a 5 day Alaskan hunting trip may run about $3,600 per person while a 5 day trip to New Zealand may cost a heftier $11,050. Other international destinations include Zimbabwe and Panama.

2. Sawtooth Adventure Company

This adventure company offers less hunting and more communing with nature. Rafting, biking and camping trips are all on the menu, though like the High Adventure Company there are also fishing trips offered. The rafting is not for the faint of heart, as it is on major whitewater rivers, but those who choose to take one of these trips will be signing up for the experience of a lifetime. Unlike many of the other companies on this list, this particular company prefers to stay local and is based in Idaho. A 1-day rafting and fishing trip costs about $350, while a 4-day kayak trip costs about $800, making this an affordable and fun option on even a more limited budget.

3. G Adventures

This company offers a wide array of travel options for everybody, divided by style, from ‘family’ to ‘yolo’ to ‘rail’ trips. All types of experiences are available, from hiking in Thailand to feeding elephants near Bangkok to rhino walks in Southern Africa. For railway lovers, rail trips are offered in the US, Europe, Africa, India or Asia. Adventures can be selected by destination or by style, and the prices run a wide gamut, but are ultimately very reasonable. A 2 week rail trip in Europe can be purchased for as little as approximately $1,600. An 8 day sailing trip in Thailand is instead about $1,400.

4. Cox & Kings

This is a slightly higher end adventure travel company. They offer many different types of travel packages, from traditional adventure travel in Africa to small ship travel through locations such as Egypt or Russia. They even offer family packages and Deccan Odyssey train trips in India. They are a well established and reputable travel company, and can tailor trips to each traveler. To give an idea of price, an 11 day train trip through southern India is about $6,000 while a trip of similar length through Zimbabwe is about $7,000, not including airfare.

5. Nomadic Expeditions

They specialize in eco-friendly adventure travel. Their focus is on the far east, including Tibet, and their packages includes travel via rail, air, horse or even camel. All sorts of trips, each one completely different, are offered. Lodging can be in a host family’s home, in a hotel, on a train, or camping next to rivers – it all depends on which package is chosen. Education is entwined with adventure for this pioneering company. A 2 week trip to Tibet, including the internal airfare, may cost around $7,500. A similar 2 week trip through the Gobi Desert is instead just over $5,000 and includes a night at their luxury Three Camel Lodge.

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