5 Tips Before You Visit Langkawi

Read this article to learn some useful information helping to plan your holiday in Langkawi: general data about the island and also the main features of staying there as well as the list of its must-see attractions.

General information

Langkawi is an archipelago consisting of about 100 lovely islands located in the Malacca Strait. For recent years, its largest island of the same name has been gaining in popularity primarily due to is clean beaches, high-quality infrastructure, unbelievably delicious cuisine and stunning natural attractions.

Language: Malayan.
In fact, almost all stuff of every hotel and tourist facility speaks English.

Currency:  Ringgit.
10 MYR is about 2.8 USD.
It’s very convenient to exchange currency in Langkawi, since you can successfully do it at almost all large shops and hotels.  But more profitable exchange rates are in Kuala-Lumpur and Penang, so it’s better to exchange all your cash in advance, before reaching Langkawi.

1. How to get to Langkawi?

You can reach the island of Langkawi either by plane from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Penang or by ferry from Penang, Kuala-Perlis Kuala-Kedah, Alor-Satar or Koh-Lipe.

2. What hotel to choose?

Langkawi is rather expensive island, but still it’s possible to find some suitable apartments for affordable price.  Most cheap hotels offering apartments for 50-90 RM per day per one person are located between streets of PantaiCenang and BohorTempoyak.

Langkawi hotel

Notice that usually reception desks of most cheap hotels aren’t located next to apartments themselves, but in the nearest shops, restaurants or laundries.

3. When is it better to visit Langkawi?

Langkawi has equatorial climate, so it’s hot and sunny here during the whole year. In theory, there is the rainy season lasting from September to November, during which heavy rains might be several times a day. So most tourist agencies advice travelers visit Langkawi during dry season form November till April.

All lovers of diving and underwater hunting should visit the island during March-May or September-October, when a lot of sea inhabitants such as barracudas, colorful coral fish and huge sea turtles swim up closer to the shore.

4. What way of transportation through the island to choose?

Langkawi doesn’t have the developed public transport. Although, there are some public buses connecting the main areas of island such as Kuah City, marina, PantaiCenang beach and the airport, you shouldn’t even try to use them, because they are very rare and it’s really hard to find the bus stops.

Due to the virtual absence of public transport on the island, taxi drivers became monopolists and they fully enjoy all benefits of such situation by setting rather high prices for their service.

Bicycle and motorbike rental are the cheapest ways of moving through the whole island, but you should agree it’s not very comfortable to use them in such heat.

So what is the way out from this transportation dilemma? Just follow the lead of experienced travelers that prefer to rent a car and forget about all transportation problems! Check actual car rental prices at Langkawi airport.

5. What attractions are worth visiting first of all?

Here is a short list of the most popular tourist attractions of the island of Langkawi:

Sky Bridge (must be reopen only in February 2015)

Langkawi sky bridge
Sky Bridge is a suspension bridge and at the same time an observation desk at a height of 700 meters! It will give you an opportunity to enjoy not only views of the Malaysian islands with its green mountains hiding in the thick fog, but also  to experience quite thrilling feelings of standing on the shaky narrow bridge that seems can break into pieces any moment!

Lake of the Pregnant Maiden
This lovely lake is actually located on the other than Langkawi island called Dayang Bunting. The lake is interesting primarily due to the believe that its waters help childless couples to get pregnant.  All they need to do is to take a dip or drink from the lake.

Underwater World Langkawi
It’s one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia which can boast of about four thousand inhabitants, including various fish, sharks, stingrays, seals, penguins and many other sea creatures, birds and reptiles.

Wildlife Park
It’s a big Zoo located on the island of Langkawi in about 10 km from Kuah.  There are a quite large number of birds and small mammals and many of them could be fed by visitors.  It should be mentioned that the Park primarily focuses on children and might be not very interesting for adults.

Temurun Waterfall
Temurun is considered the most beautiful waterfall on the island of Langkawi. You’ll find Temurun in the northwestern part of the island right in the national park of Machinchang, where it’s possible to see some parts of the jungle completely untouched by human hands.
A fewusefultips:
•    Temurun looks more effective during the rainy season
•    Avoid visiting the waterfall on weekend, since it’s a favorite vacation spot of locals who like to arrange little picnics here.
•    Beware of flocks of wild monkeys constantly trying to steal some things and food from visitors of Temurun

Taman Buaya Crocodile Farm
Being among the world’s largest crocodile farms, Taman Buaya is a home for a thousand different crocodiles and caimans! In addition, when visiting farm you can also enjoy exciting shows featuring the largest crocodiles! And after that you will even have an opportunity to feed them, if you aren’t afraid, of course.

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