5 Reasons to Take Your Family on a Harbour Cruise

reasons to take family on a harbour cruise

Looking for the best family-friendly activity in Sydney that is suitable for all ages?

Why not try a harbour cruise? Hire your own boat and enjoy Sydney’s beautiful waterways as part of a day out or special occasion.

Here are five reasons why you should consider Sydney Harbour boat hire as a family activity:

1. Family-friendly and safe

family friendly boat Sydney

Boat hire is a perfect way to spend some safe family time while still having an adventure. The rules on the water are strict and your skipper will be trained to make sure all regulations are abided by.

Life jackets are made available for every person on board ensuring everyone’s safety. For the most part though, on most sunny days, Sydney Harbour is spotted with boats and like-minded people taking a dip in the Harbour.

Most vessels that are available for boat hire are equipped with stand up paddleboards and lily pads. The perfect excuse to get out, enjoy the sun and have some fun!

2. Go whale watching

whale watching

It is always such a thrill to spot a whale and there are many to be seen along the Sydney coast in July and October as they migrate to and from warmer waters.

You may need to venture beyond Sydney Harbour to see a whale (although you never know, whales have been spotted under the Harbour Bridge in the past) but if you hire a boat and request to go further out to sea you have a good chance of seeing whales swimming and breaching.

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This experience is awe-inspiring for children and adults alike. Just make sure you prepare for the change in conditions as the swell is far greater offshore if you go ahead with this type of arrangement.

3. COVID safe

Hiring a small boat for a harbour cruise is a COVID safe way to have a day out with the family. On a small vessel, you don’t need to be around many other strangers. Being in the open air has also shown to reduce the risk of transmission.

As far as COVID safe activities these days, being on a boat is high on the list. There has even been a boating boom in 2021 as people seek to enjoy the outdoors in safety. Sailing and powerboating are legitimate recreational activities during lockdowns. Just make sure to check the restrictions before hire for outing. The team at Any Boat are well informed and will help keep you up to date with the current rules.

4. Ideal for a special occasion

What better way to make an event memorable? If you have a milestone event like a birthday or an anniversary coming up, celebrate on the waters of Sydney Harbour.

Everyone will remember their day on a boat, especially if you are lucky enough to see whales or dolphins. There is no risk of gatecrashers or unwanted guests at your party and you will be free to enjoy the company of your select friends and family.

Hire a boat for a harbour cruise that includes catering so you can enjoy the day together without lifting a finger.

5. Kids love boats

Boats are just fun and kids love being on the water. It is exciting and unusual, especially after a very long period with lots of time spent inside.

A harbour cruise is a great way to experience the natural world and to see Sydney from a different angle.

Looking for something different to do with the family? Hire a boat and get out on Sydney Harbour for a harbour cruise. Choose from a range of vessels to accommodate the size of your group and your budget.

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Guest Author : Daniel Da Silva is the Founder of the multi award winning boat hire in Sydney, Any Boat Pty Ltd. He is also the President of the Commercial Vessel Association, the Public Officer for the Charter Boat Agents Association and is a commercial captain.

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