A Complete Guide to Cox’s Bazar

guide to Cox's Bazar

Cox’s Bazar sea beach, a small town – port in southern Bangladesh, is the world’s longest sea beach – over 120 km of unbroken golden sand! Cox’s Bazar town is situated in the Chittagong Division in south-eastern Bangladesh.

The part of the 120 km beach has different names. The beach starts with “Laboni Beach,” “Sughandha Beach” within the region of Cox’s Bazar. It’s named “Himchari Beach” – 10 km south from the center of the beach. And when it’s far 30 km from the main region called “Inani Beach.” And passing 70 km more, it’s named as “Teknaf Beach”. To enjoy all the amazing views, a motorbike would be the best option. People can see more blue water as much as they get into the south of the ocean.

Multiple Ways To Get In

People can get in Cox’s Bazar so easily as it’s connected by both road and air with its capital. And the Cox’s Bazar is located about 150 km south of Chittagong Metropolitan city. While Dhaka is the capital, Chittagong is the prime port city of Bangladesh. The journey by plane from Dhaka to Chittagong takes only 60 minutes. And the fare cost is Taka 6000 BDT & 3500 BDT one way.

And when someone is traveling by bus, it will take around 10-12 hours from Dhaka and 4-5 hours from Chittagong.

What to Do – Activities

what to do activities

As the beach is the main attraction to the people and most of the activities will revolve around the water. The most popular things people do like swimming, surfing, fishing, and also general aquatic revelry as well. But if you love to walk and want to keep your feet dry then, there are several options you can go for like the nearby villages have a great attraction for the Buddhist temples. Also, there are craftspeople who make several kinds of wares for your perusal.

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Again, there are so many stores to buy pearls, shell jewelry, and sandalwood based amazing beauty products. People can also see handwoven clothing and textiles there.

Crazy Food Recipes

crazy food recipes

Most bars, shops, and restaurants all will located around hotels and nearer places. People can enjoy amazing snacks between waves. Green coconut and mountain banana are the most popular local delicacies to Cox’s Bazar. The local people will recommend you try one of a myriad of seafood restaurants where all the tasty servings will cost fairly competitive prices.

However, you can find amazing food places like the Poushee Restaurant, the Jhawban Restaurant, and Mermaid Café. The food quality here in these places is very delightful and unforgettable. Make sure you have tried the fried fish. Foods cooked on the griddle pan especially the fried sea fish are very delicious and a great attraction for the foreign visitors and for the Bangladeshi people as well.

Go Next – Amazing Places To Explore

places to explore

There are multiple places to visit near Cox’s Bazar. Basically, the most interesting part is that it doesn’t cost so much whether you take rides on motorbike or rickshaw.

Saint Martin Island – The beautiful coral island is the southernmost tip of Bangladesh. The island is about 10 km south-west of the mainland. People enjoy the amazing sight of a tropical cliché with beaches fringed with coconut palms. Marine life experience is one of the most attractions for tourists. The place is very clean and calm and no mosquito is here to disrupt your tranquility.

Sonadia Island – This amazing place is about 9 square km and 7 km far from the center of Cox’s Bazar. People can find different types of shells on the western side of this island as the region of this area is sandy. In winter, tourists can see the temporary camps of fishermen and drying their fishes on the island.

Ramu – This wonderful Buddhist village besides on the main road of Chittagong and it’s far about 16 km from the main point of Cox’s Bazar. People can see pagodas, khyangs, and monasteries containing images of Buddha with several precious metals and stones including gold, bronze, etc. The village has its own attraction.

Teknaf – The most attractive thing in Teknaf is the river named “Naaf River”. Basically, Teknaf lies on the bank of this river and it ends on the hilly regions of this district. Myanmar (Burma) lies on the opposite banks of the Naaf river. A journey on the river is the most beautiful thing people enjoy. They can see birds and wild animals there. And the unforgettable moment is the wide sandy beach along with high hills with green forests.

Inani Beach – This beautiful beach is about 32 km south of the center of Cox’s Bazar. The beach has a beautiful sea view to the west and an amazing background of steep hills to the east. People who come to this island get a magic cast spell on them.

Hence, Cox’s Bazar is the largest sea beach in the world as it’s easy to get in, several 3 stars and 5 stars restaurants are available for the tourists. There are amazing places to visit including the Jhawban Restaurant, Mermaid Café, and the Poushee Restaurant and to eat delicious food. As it’s a sea beach, one of the most delicious recipes here is the fried sea fish.

And the best part is that wherever you go and eat – everything is very cheap especially while traveling on the rickshaw or motorbike. People are amazing here as well as the food.

If you plan to visit Cox’s Bazar, plan for 10 to 15 days as there are several amazing places you can visit in one go.
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