Do Really Cape Town Poses Best Hidden Beaches ?

Who can resist the romantic, fun and amazing views from Cape Town’s beaches? The national geographic has ranked Cape Town as the second-best beach city in the world. According to their report, they say that the city has 20 beaches that are within striking distance. This city divides the city Atlantic from the Indian Ocean. There are several beaches in Cape Town that make it the best beach city in the world.

Queens Beach

There are many beaches in the seaside suburbs of the sea point in Cape Town. Most of the beaches in CapeTown are always busy with people flocking in from all over the world. Queens beach, however, is tucked away and is almost forgotten. If you are looking for a beach that is perfect for fun activities and adventures, this is the one for you. It is overlookedby apartment blocks and hotels and also by many beach lovers. It offers a big break to surfers. It also has beautiful white sand and is perfect for families. Children will have great fun collecting starfish and shells. There are numerous of beaches, like queens, that are not always full but that give you a great experience.

Clifton Beaches

Clifton Beach Cape Town

The four Clifton beaches are known as the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are beautiful blue waters and white sands that will take your breath away. During the summer, these beaches attract thousands of sun-lovers from all over the world and are hence consideredthe perfect for sunbathing and beach sports. You can also go there to relax and watch people go about their businesses. From this beach, you can stare at the magnificent beauty of the AtlanticOcean.There are also some amazing mountainslike the lions head that is above the camps bay. The extended day time hours during the summer allow you to bask in the sun as late as 7 P.M because it does not get dark until later in the night so you can keep enjoying the sun a bit longer.

Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach Cape Town

If you love bird watching, this is the perfect beach for you to visit. Some of the most famous and the cutest birds in Cape Town reside near or on this beach. It remains the only place in the world where you can get first-hand experience with African penguins. There are boardwalks and an information center which make the trip worthwhile and perfect for you as a visitor. Other than tuning and having fun in the blue waters, you will also get to fill your brain with amazing facts about certain birds and there is nothing better than learning as you have fun.

Camps Bay Beach

Platinum blonde bathers and sands, this is where all the important people meet and have fun. It is said to be a gorgeous beach in Cape Town. It’smanicured shoreline and the millionaire’s mansions that over look it makes it a place that is worth every penny spent. There is also the beautiful sunsets and the minimalist’s swimwear. If you are planning a vacation or a honeymoon to Cape Town, this beautiful beach will rekindle all those beautiful feelings of love and longing. There are sundowners and tidal pools that will help you cool down after being in the sun for too long. You will never run out of something fun to do in Cape Town.

Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach Cape Town

Located at Gordon’s bay, this beautiful beach is the perfect hangout for people who are young or young at heart. It has gracious Hottentots-Holland Mountains that sit undisturbed at the background. This beach has a laid back feel to it and it is most popular amongst students and visitors who want to spare a couple of dollars and still have fun. You can get yourself Cape Town villa rentals nearby so you won’t have to drive to get to this beach.


Does Cape Town have some of the best beaches in the world? The answer to this question is simple, yes it does. This city is not only beautiful it also has some of the best, most interesting beaches to visit in the world; there is a reason it is always crowded even during the rainy season. It offers an experience that cannot be duplicated.

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