City of Dreams: Beijing

The country of China has to progress to the modern age, for it to bring fortune and fame to its majestic cities in particular, the capital Beijing. The city of Beijing offers and caters to foreign investment and tourism. The area around the city gives a wide array of possible business and leisurely activities that many tourists and visitors can avail of. There are such varieties in doing business with Beijing, for instance the use of its world class facilities for corporate and business activities like training for upcoming games.  Also one can partake and have an idea of the city’s culture that is showcased worldwide.  You can access the Beijing Capital through its International Airport and get a chance to fly there in a private jet charter, or even corporate jet charter. The Ready Jet charter flies one from any part of the world to and out of Beijing and to have a delightful travel towards the grandeur of Beijing China.

Classical Chinese

Upon reaching Beijing through commercial or charter jet flights and other means of transportation, one will be mesmerized by the grandeur of what ancient China can offer.  The ruins, remnants of ancient China are still very visible through the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, temple of heaven, and others. One can acknowledge the historical impact of the Tiananmen Square for its usage through variety of demonstration, festivities, and other activities. While the Forbidden City houses the emperors for many centuries, one can still partake of the real time environment of a classical China. The Temple of Heaven offers a reflection on the Chinese belief and religion.

The Cube

The Cube or the National Aquatics Center offers relaxing trip to the pool or for some corporate activities; like a corporate sports week for the company’s employee to have some rest and relaxation; also one can be part of a group or community aiming high in the aquatic sports for some rigorous training. The Cube caters to many individuals to have some wonderful time in the complex, together with its state of the art technology.  The aquatics center’s appeal is to look like a cube and together with its ETFE or ethylene tetrafluoroethene walling and roofs, the center has made itself an attraction for the world to see.

The Bird’s Nest

Bird's Nest, Beijing, ChinaThe Bird’s Nest or the city’s national stadium also offers and caters to individuals and groups according to their physical training exercises. The unique exterior and façade of the building are attractions in themselves with a real bird’s nest appeal. The stadium garners tourism prospects with its unusual design and prestige due to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  An icon of the modern era, the Bird’s Nest can simply satisfy one’s need for architectural, engineering and elegant surroundings of the stadium.

Chinese Opera

One of China’s gift to the world is what is in its musical theatre or popularly known as Chinese Opera. The Giant Egg or the National Center for Performing Arts holds several events that showcase the many Chinese Arts. The center itself is a magnificent art in its own right. Tourists and visitors can surely feel the spectacles of Chinese musical and arts that can delight anyone who watch the performance. A best way to end a trip to modern day Beijing is to get some classical and traditional music and arts.

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