Five Great Reasons to Visit Corfu, Greece

Located just off the west coast of Greece, Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian Islands. With hot Mediterranean summers, lush green spaces, and a fascinating history and culture, it has long since been a popular destination for holidaymakers.

If you’re considering where to go for your next break, these five great reasons to visit Corfu might help you to make up your mind.

1) The calm and clear waters of the Ionian beaches

If you enjoy chilling out and catching a few rays, you’ll love Corfu’s beaches. With stretches of golden coastline and crystal clear waters that are safe for families, they provide a great day out.

Try Agios Georgios Pagon for surfing or Logas for secluded bays and natural beauty. Temperatures at all of Corfu’s beaches can be extremely high during the summer season, so take plenty of water and sun cream.

Views across Corfu's coastline

Views across Corfu’s coastline

2) The historic charm of the Old Town

To get a true feel for traditional Corfu culture, make sure that you pay a visit to the Old Town. You’ll see a fascinating collection of tiny Orthodox Greek churches, Venetian bell towers, and quaint cobbled squares.

For a little bit of respite from the midday sun, order a coffee at one of the shaded pavement cafes along the pedestrianised promenade. It’s a brilliant spot for people watching, and you’ll get a real insight into how locals live.

3) The beautiful countryside

Though many tourists tend to stick to the coastal resorts, it’s well worth hiring a car and travelling further inland to explore the rolling countryside on your Greek holiday in Corfu.

As the greenest of the Ionian Islands, the views in Corfu can be spectacular. The roads are full of hairpin bends and are lined with olive trees, and there are many brilliant vantage points for admiring the dramatic mountainous regions.

4) The plentiful Meze feasts

A trip to a taverna for Meze is an essential part of any trip to Corfu. It consists of several small plates of typically Greek food, including feta cheese, stuffed vine leaves, and tzatziki.

Though the savoury courses are enough to defeat even the biggest of appetites, make sure you leave room for the fabulous desserts. Thick Greek yoghurt is often served with fresh fruit and lashings of honey, and the Baklava is the perfect end to any meal.

The local wines are especially good, and for an after dinner aperitif, order a Metaxa brandy.  The most famous of the Greek spirits, it’s something that Corfu takes pride in, and you’ll find it sold in almost every bar and restaurant that you visit.

A selection of Meze dishes

A selection of Meze dishes

5) The sunsets at Kaiser’s Lookout

For those with romance in mind, a trip to Kaiser’s Lookout is a magical experience. Situated 8km west of Corfu Town, the popular yet quiet viewing area is the perfect place to enjoy colourful sunsets and panoramic views with a loved one.

Walking downhill into the village of Pelekas, you’ll be able to soak up the atmosphere of traditional Corfu. Though the area has slowly developed over the years, it’s a lot less commercialised than the nearby tourist resorts, and oozes tranquility and relaxation. It tends to be popular with independent travellers who are interested in culture and authenticity.


It’s easy to see why many tourists return to Corfu year after year for their summer holiday. Whether it’s long sandy beaches, great food, or stunning scenery that you have in mind, there’s something here for everyone.

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