Yachting in Greece – High Season vs. Off-Season

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One of the best ways to see the Greek islands is by boat. Island hopping from one gorgeous beach to another with beautiful ice blue water as far as the eye can see. Greece has over 6,000 islands and islets, and all of them are just a short boat ride away.

The Seasons

When scheduling a trip, one of the most important things to consider is when to travel. The most crowded time or high season in the Greek islands is June, July, and August. This is true for yachting, as well as, land travel. Off-season is considered to be the end of September through April. During high season you will pay a premium for accommodations, attractions, and charters. This is important to keep in mind when planning your trip.

The Islands

It also important to highlight your must-see islands. For example, Santorini and Paros are usually a hit for couples. Santorini is best known for cliff top towns that overlook a deep blue sea. The white cubic buildings are a beautiful contrast to the bright blue ocean, which is sure to make a couple’s getaway unforgettable. On the other hand, singles and younger audiences often enjoy the islands of Mykonos, Ios, and Naxos for a more upbeat experience. Mykonos is known for its amazing nightlife, chic restaurants, and delicious food. No matter your travel plans, you will have a trip to remember on these beautiful islands.

High Season: Pros and Cons

During high season, boats are everywhere and tourists flood the shores. And with good reason! The scenery is green, wind is strong, and weather is warm and sunny. It is the perfect time for a dip in the Aegean Sea. Plus, many people travel with their children and it is much easier to schedule a trip when the kids are out of school. During high season, the most crowded yachting areas tend to be Corfu, Lefkas, and the Saronic islands. There will also be many non-sailing tourists who flock to these beautiful areas as well. For example, the Akrotiri on the island of Santorini is known for having the longest lines during high season due to the influx of tourists who fly and ferry into the island. If you are planning on visiting this Ancient Minoan settlement, make sure to schedule extra time to accommodate the queues.

The Benefits of Going Off-Season

Conversely, there are some great benefits to island hopping during the off-season. The price of chartering a yacht goes down after the first week in September and so does the number of tourists. Experts estimate prices decrease by at least ten percent and continue to decrease, as the weather gets colder. The docks are also less crowded securing a slip close to town will be much easier. Visitors can also explore the islands at a more leisurely pace without the possibility of waiting in long lines to enter historical sites. This is especially great if anyone in your party has mobility issues and needs to explore at their own pace. And if you are looking to take beautiful photos of the picturesque islands, the off-season is the perfect time. There is less commotion, and fewer people to elbow out of the way to get the perfect shot.

If you are planning on chartering a sailboat during the off-season, you are in luck. There is plenty of good wind in September and October. Plus, the likelihood of encountering a strong destructive wind on your trip is relatively low. And when stopping into town, the service is often much better because the waiters have fewer customers. These locals are much more likely to give tips, recommendations, and share stories when they aren’t slammed at work.

The Downsides of Going Off-Season

Although, there are many great reasons to island hop during the off-season there are some downsides. Some of the most popular restaurants and shops are only open during high season. Make sure to check the individual store hours before planning a day into town for a specific store. There is often a lot more maintenance being performed during the low season to prepare for the influx of tourists in the coming months. Be prepared to see roads being repaved, a few detour signs, and buildings under construction. It can also get pretty chilly during the off season, so make sure to pack some warm clothes for on the boat and in town.

No matter the time of year you choose, it will be an unforgettable experience to explore the Greek islands by yacht. And you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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