Skiing And Exploring Japan

ski resortYou know that adventure trip you keep planning and canceling? Now here are a few reasons you don’t need to keep postponing or putting it off and need to take that wild ride.

Skiing is probably the most thrilling (or so it sounds) adventure sport. You can capture the feel of the adrenaline as you ski down the dry skiing slopes at some of the best ski resorts in Japan, while enjoying a luxurious vacation at an affordable price.

Why Japan?

For starters, in today’s date, Japan has about 500 thriving ski resorts. One can easily find a ski resort as suitable to one’s budget and requirements. It doesn’t matter if you want to pamper yourself with a vacation of massage therapies and spas and saunas, or you believe in enjoying local culture at dirt cheap resorts, one can find every type of resort in Japan.

More importantly, ski resorts in Japan have possibly the best quality powder snow found in the world. It is no wonder, then, that Japan is home to many winter sports, skiing included.

And just as a cherry on top of the cake, skiing vacations are reasonably priced in general, and are can be light on your pocket as compared to expensive, luxury vacation packages available for tourist destinations across the world.

Also, most Japanese cities can be reached easily through direct or connected flights. The efficient inter city and intra city transportation in Japan makes tourists more comfortable than ever.

What To Expect

One can find many skiing packages for the cities of Tokyo, Hokkaido, Honshu or Tahuku. They include accommodation, skiing as well as several extra services.
Apart from accommodations ranging from decent to excellent; many ski resorts offer facilities such as saunas, hot springs or “onsens” and the like. While on a holiday in Japan, one also should not forget to experience local cuisines, cultures and nightlife, as they happen to be some of the star attractions of Japan. As an alternative, you could also enjoy snowboarding; also one of Japan’s winter adventure sports. You will find that many ski resorts also offer snowboarding facilities.

What You Need To Do

One you make up your mind to plan a skiing vacation in Japan, the first thing you should do is to look for vacation packages. Package deals include many services (as mentioned in the previous section) and can really save you a few bucks. It would be a good idea to slightly familiarize yourself with the local culture of the city you are visiting.

However, one need not necessarily go in for a package deal. You can easily book a ski resort to your requirement; enjoy local cuisine at sushi bars or stalls and food centers serving hot food and ski at micro ski resorts while using cheap local “onsens”. If you are new to skiing altogether, some ski resorts also provide training in skiing, besides providing skiing gear and equipments. The best skiing season ranges from December to March. Be sure to book well in advance of your trip.

So stop looking up vacation destinations and plans on Google and take the time out to plan that long anticipated adventure trip to Japan this winter.


Guest Author : Anthony Roberts loves to share his ideas about enjoying and staying in Japan. He writes about his amazing ski holidays and Japanes food. Learn more, visit npc Japan.
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