Why St Lucia keeps winning the “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” award

St Lucia Honeymoon DestinationThere is a reason why the Caribbean island of St Lucia dominates the World Travel Awards “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” category; from 2002-2010, St Lucia only gave up the title only once.

In fact, it is not just one reason; it is a handful from the island’s natural beauty, tropical climate, secluded beaches, breathtaking views, clear blue waters and the variety of other stunning features that makes St Lucia one of the world’s premier honeymoon locations.

An island of adventure

One of the reasons St Lucia continually performs well in such awards is that the island is not just a relaxing paradise; it combines adventure and relaxation to aplomb. Those who want to head off in search of fun activities can do so with ease – a luxury sun lounger will be waiting for them on the beach when they return!

The combination of mountainous terrain, lush rainforest and golden beaches is the perfect trifecta for couples looking to explore on their vacation. As a result, some operators offer running routes and trails for couples who want to experience St Lucia hand-in-hand on top of a cliff, offering gorgeous vistas of the island. Couples can also participate in horseback riding at Cas en Bas, treating newlyweds to a journey through St Lucia on horseback.

There are also numerous rainforest hikes available on the island, offering couples a trail through some of St Lucia’s lush jungle, while a number of beaches offer snorkeling lessons for people who want a first-hand view of the island’s marine life; barracudas, sailfish, mackerel and white marlin are just some of the fish you may be able to spot! Other popular water activities include surfing, water-skiing and para sailing, giving couples the chance to frolic in the water at all times regardless of activity.


St Lucia’s tropical climate means it is paradise for honeymooners looking for a break in the sun. Year round temperatures range between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, making for perfect temperatures to lay on the beach and soak in the sun’s rays. As the island has a tropical climate, there may be infrequent blasts of rain – useful for cooling off after a hike through St Lucia’s diverse environment!

If it does get a little too warm, St Lucia’s vast array of luxury resorts can help couples cool down in style; eco-friendly air conditioning and elegant shower rooms can allay even the warmest of temperatures. However, cooling trade winds help keep St Lucia at perfect temperatures all year round.

St Lucia is also known for its culinary delights including curry, jerk, rice, fish and fresh fruit/vegetables. Couples looking to taste St Lucia should ask for the coal pot, a tradition native Caribbean stew that simply has to be sampled, while local barbecues are so frequent that well-marinated chicken, goat, pork and other barbecued meats are frequently on offer.

It’s no wonder St Lucia is a frequent winner of the World’s (and Caribbean’s) Leading Honeymoon Destination award. The combination of luxury, elegance and five star service on offer means thousands of newlyweds flock to the island every year; will you?

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