Experience Nature’s Beauty at its Best in Puerto Vallarta

If traveling is your life and you are hunting for places with some of the best beaches to spend the next vacation, include Puerto Vallarta in your list. Popularly known as Mexico’s resort city, Puerto Vallarta is sure to amaze you with its incredible beaches, active nightlife and remarkable restaurants. If you are worried about your safety here, don’t worry. Puerto Vallarta is visited by countless tourists each year. With common sense and a bit of caution, you can explore this city and have a memorable holiday. Here’s what you can do in Puerto Vallarta.


Sunset Bay of Banderas MexicoPuerto Vallarta is famous for its beaches. Don’t miss the Bay of Banderas. It offers a stunning view of the city. Plus, there are secluded alcoves, rock formations and islands to explore here. Las Caletas is an excellent place to spend the entire day with your family. Don’t forget to take your sunscreens and hats here. You can take a dive with Sea Lions here.  Other beaches worth trying include Los Arcos and Los Muertos.


The Palm Cabaret and Bar is the best place to experience Kim Kuzma’s “Unplugged” show. Drinks and shows are absolutely affordable. If you want to listen to some excellent live music, this is your place. Twisted Palms Rooftop Lounge is another place worth visiting. You will get some of the best drinks here. Kokopelli Karaoke & Dance Bar is a romantic bar where you can listen to some great live music.

Adventure Sports

If you love extreme adventure, you will love Puerto Vallarta. Thrilling rides on a series of zip lines, scuba diving, horseback rides, snorkeling, canopy tours and kayaking are some activities you can indulge in here. If you have children with you, Bay of Banderas and Las Caletas are the best places to go for a sporting adventure.

Museums &Landmarks

For those who are interested in history, art and culture, Puerto Vallarta has plenty of things to offer. Start with the Ambos Galeria de Arte y Artefactos. For experiencing the Pre Columbian Art, Museum Rio Cuale is a nice place. Galleria Pacifico is a place where you will find some of the best bronze sculptures. Don’t miss out on the Galeria Flores, one of the best fine art galleries in Puerto Vallarta.

Getting to Puerto Vallarta is easy. Just check out Flightnetwork.com/airlines/AirTransat/ to get the best flight and travel deals. When it comes to finding an accommodation here, there are all kinds of accommodation available here. Depending on your budget, you can go for any thing from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious resorts along the beach side.When in Puerto Vallarta, always make payments in pesos instead of US dollars. You will save a lot of money. Happy holidaying!

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