6 Things You Didn’t Know About New Zealand

Find out a few things about New Zealand that you may not have known, as it is much more than just a beautiful, scenic holiday destination. There is a lot to do in New Zealand, and it has a fascinating history to go along with it too. You can reserve Flights to New Zealand with Dialaflight and begin your exploration adventure in New Zealand.  

New Zealand is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and most picturesque countries in the entire world. It features a wide range of stunning mountains, hot springs, rolling hills, countryside and much, much more, so it is no surprise that it is such a popular tourist destination. Millions of people head there every year for good weather and the stunning scenery, but New Zealand is a country that is much more than just a scenic holiday destination, and there are a few fascinating things about this country which not many people know.

  1. Exports – New Zealand is one of the largest producers of wool in the world, and this is because of the 39 million sheep that they have there! Most of which are situated on the South Island. Wool makes up a staggering 50% of the country’s exports, and on top of this New Zealand also supplies an impressive 33% of the world’s dairy needs too.

  1. Cycling– There is a brilliant cycle route you can take from one end of the country to the other, and there are lots of overnight spots at some beautiful destinations along the way. The route will take you roughly six weeks to complete and is about 5400 KM long, so make sure you are in top shape before taking this challenge on! It is a fantastic way to see the country, and once you reach the Southern end, you can get on a ferry to Stewart Island.

  1. Ideals – New Zealand is one of the more liberal countries in the world with most of the population having a very open mind. This is evident in their laws, where it is legal for same sex marriages, having a brothel open, prostitution and more. The drinking age is also 18 and they can learn to drive from the young age of 15.

  1. The Moa – This flightless bird was endemic to New Zealand, and it is said that these odd creatures stood up to an incredible 15 foot tall. They died out as the Maori population increased, and as they were such large creatures they were also very easy to hunt. There weren’t many other large animals when the Polynesian Maori first came over in the 10th Century, and they were used to hunting large animals so the Moa became a prime target for them.

  1. Jazz Festival – Every single year, for nearly 50 years, New Zealand has been host to the longest running jazz festival in the southern hemisphere. The festival takes place on the North Island in the Bay of Plenty at Taranga, Mount Maunganuiin. This is a fantastic annual event that celebrates jazz and is the perfect, picturesque location for it too, so if you are visiting New Zealand try to catch this great event.

  1. Suffrage – In line with their liberal ideals, New Zealand was also one of the first nations to adopt universal suffrage, as men and women were both allowed to vote from 1893. This demonstrates that New Zealand was one of the first nations to promote equality amongst everyone, and this is something that they are still doing in modern times.

These are just six things about New Zealand that you may not have known but there are plenty more fascinating things about this country for you to discover. It is one of the prettiest and most beautiful countries in the world, but this is only part of what is so great about this destination. It has something for everyone to enjoy and also has a long and interesting history which plays an important part in world culture.

If you have never been before then it is highly recommended that you go! This could be for a family holiday, romantic getaway or a trip with your friends, or many people spend time travelling around the country by themselves, taking in all that New Zealand has to offer. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and you will never get bored with so much to see, do and explore, so organise a trip and experience the things on this list and much more first hand.

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