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There are so many options to spend your time in Gdansk during holidays! Choose whatever you want. You can go to the beach for some chill out time and sun bathing or swimming in the sea. You can spend some time strolling around the tiny streets of Gdansk charming Old Town. In the evening you can visit a few nice pubs and try Polish great liquor.

Ideas are countless, but for those of you, who want to save some time on planning and instead fully use holiday time and do something truly interesting, then choosing our organized Gdansk Tours will be the best option for you! Read this article to learn more about our rich offer. Everyone will surely find something satisfying.

Things Do in Gdansk

• Gdansk Beer Tasting

Sample various kinds of Polish beers during a great tour through pubs and breweries in Gdansk. Taste and enjoy a full range of mass production, regional and unique craft beers and learn about the brewing traditions.

• Gdansk Vodka Tasting

Learn about the history, and production of Vodka – assumed as Poland’s national drink. Hear about cultural customs and traditions of drinking vodka. Taste many kinds of vodka and shots in carefully chosen venues.

• Gdansk Vodka Tasting Marathon

Take part in a vodka tasting marathon. Prepare for the whole night of fun, litres of great Polish vodkas and fancy shots in the best bars and clubs. Many challenges on the way and great food to complete the experience will make this night unforgettable.

Try out the Gdansk Traditional Polish Food

Delicious cuisine is a big part of Polish culture. Make sure that you won’t miss trying the best local food while travelling in Poland. During our Food Tour you will have more amazing food than you are able to eat. Visit local restaurants and patisserie and enjoy sampling many traditional Polish dishes and learn about Polish culture and customs.

Best Places to Visit in Gdansk

Museum of the Second World War

This museum was established in 2008 and opened in 2017 and since then attracts many visitors every year. People from all around Poland and other countries come to Gdansk to see its great exhibition. Every piece of information about WWII is presented there in detail.

Why You Should Visit Łódź: Poland’s Most Underappreciated City

European Solidarity Centre

European Solidarity Centre is placed next to the Gdansk shipyard and both constitute very important elements for Gdansk and its history. Gdansk shipyard was established after 1945 on the former Germans shipyard territory. Since then it’s one of the biggest and the most important shipyards in Poland. Over 1000 fully equipped seagoing vessels, container ships, passenger ships and sailing ships have been built during the time it exists. It is also very important for history of Gdansk because suppression of protests and the murder of three shipyard workers happened there. Solidarity movement in Poland was born there. ESC presents the history of PRL times and its after-effects.

Gdansk Old Town

This is the most beautiful part of the city. Even the simplest walk around the main charming streets is pleasant and enjoyable. Old Town in Gdansk is always full of life. People are sitting in the restaurant’s patios, playing songs on various instruments on the streets. Multiple events are happening really often too, so make sure you won’t miss anything while staying in this amazing city! While walking around the Old Town you can sightsee beautiful historical buildings placed there and admire their unique architecture.

St. Mary’s Church

It’s 14th century building. It is the biggest temple in Europe built from bricks and is usually called as a Crown of Gdansk. Beautifully and richly decorated interior impress every visitor. It has original Gothic shape with characteristic parts of massive west bell tower and slim corner towers.

For those of you who don’t feel like losing time on all that planning we offer our great Gdansk Tours to everyplace from those listed above and much more! All of our tours include private professional local guide that will be only at your group’s service and skip the line tickets to the visiting places. You will never have to waste your time on waiting in queue! If you choose a tour outside of Gdansk, private transport will be organized for you too and everything is included in price.

Gdansk Sightseeing

As you can see, Gdańsk is a beautiful place with a lot of things to see and to do. If you want to make sure that you will see its highlights and the most important and interesting parts choose one of our sightseeing Gdansk tours. Your private guide can show you every corner of the charming Gdansk Old Town and tell you all of its story. If you want to go somewhere further, you can be taken outside of Gdansk to the region of Kashubian Switzerland, where you will have a chance to admire beautiful nature and stunning views of hills and lakes.

Private guide and transport (if needed) are always included in price. What’s more, you can choose between private and shared options of our Gdansk Tours. If you’re travelling alone and want to meet new interesting people then group tour will be perfect for you, but if you’re coming to Gdansk with your friends of family – private option will meet all of your expectations.

Our Recommended Gdansk Tours

Opt for a Gdansk Guided Walking Tour

If you’re more into exploring the city of Gdansk, its history and culture then a walking guided tour is a perfect idea. You will see highlights of Gdansk, discover hidden gems of the city, and learn incredible stories and curiosities from your local guide that you won’t find in any guidebook.

Take Up a Family Friendly History Tour

If you’re coming to Gdansk with kids add a little bit of adventure to your explorations. Your children will love this walking tour with additional attraction of tasks to solve on the way! Combine the sightseeing of the highlights and main attractions of the city with exciting and fun things to do for your kids. All of you will enjoy it.

Select Private WWII Tour with Museum of the Second World War

If you’re interested in WWII topic and the history of Poland then you should definitely participate in this tour. You will have a chance to learn about invasion of Poland by the military forces of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Visit one of the most important museums in Gdansk and listen to how the Polish army fought, devoting their lives for the freedom of Poland.

Private Communism Tour with Solidarity Center Museum

You simply can’t visit Gdansk without exploring Gdansk’s shipyard area. If you want to learn more about the city’s recent history on this tour you will listen about the history and consequences and aftermath of the PRL period. Take your time to visit the impressive interactive museum dedicated to the history of communism in Poland at the Solidarity Center.

Take up History of Gdansk Tour by Kayak on the Motława River

With us you have a chance to sightsee the beautiful city that Gdansk is from slightly different perspective. You can kayak through the very center of Gdansk on the Motlawa River. Enjoy the new original views, beautiful Old Town from its riverside and learn about the Gdansk’s rich history.

Stutthof Concentration Camp Tour

There are many interesting places outside of Gdansk too and Stutthof Concentration Camp is definitely one of them if you want to learn more about Polish and WWII history. On this excursion you will visit Stutthof Museum and learn about the conditions and prisoners’ lives in Poland’s first concentration camp and its impact on the local population.

Private Westerplatte Tour

Enjoy the tour to Westerplatte – the most important monument in Pomerania. Explore the place where the WWII began and is a commemoration of turbulent and fascinating Gdansk’s past and its long struggle for freedom and justice in history. Visit the place of memory in real heroes fighting during war.

Malbork Castle Tour

Take the day off and visit Malbork Castle – Europe’s largest brick castle. During this 1-day tour you will explore beautiful Gothic castle in Malbork, admire its unique architecture and learn its history. You will also have a chance to spend some time among nature as the area has stunning views all around it!

Highlights of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot Tour

Whole Tricity has a lot to offer and thanks to this tour you can see all of the highlights and main attractions of those 3 beautiful cities – Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. Your private guide will show you all the best and most interesting places and answer all of your questions. You will learn a lot about the Tricity, its history, legends and other curiosities that you wouldn’t hear otherwise.
Whatever you decide for – you will spend unforgettable time in Gdansk!

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