Lisbon Travel Guide

Lisbon, PortugalLisbon is the capital of Portugal; it is also regarded as the city of the seven hills. This beautiful destination is one of the most visited cities in Portugal. Every year, tourists from every corner of the globe choose Lisbon to spend their vacations. Do you want to be the next?

The Climate

Lisbon is one of those destinations that you can visit during the whole year, anytime you want. The reason for that is not only the pleasant climate, but also the type of touristic attraction it offers that don’t rely on the weather. During the summer you can expect to find temperatures ranging from 26ºC to 32ºC. In the winter the temperatures range from 11ºC to 16ºC. When it comes to rainfall it rains frequently in Lisbon, the only season when it rarely rains it’s the summer. The autumn and the spring are very comfortable seasons when it comes to temperature, during these periods you can expect temperatures averaging 15ºC.

The Transportation System

In this city the transportation system needs to be very efficient, because it is vital not only for the tourists, but also for the locals. Most locals live in the suburbs that surround the city center; they only go there to work, so they need a solid transportation network. In fact the transportation system in Lisbon is very efficient, you can use the train or the tram to get from one place to another, and the fares are quite cheap. If you need to cross the river for some reason you can use the services of the ferries, which are operated by a private enterprise. If you want to get around the city you can always call a cab, I do not recommend you to do that because it may get very expensive. Note that you can always rent a car and drive through the city to wherever you please. If you are one of those people who want to exercise, you can always travel through Lisbon by foot.

The Activities

There are plenty of activities and a lot of places to visit in Lisbon, let’s see some of them:

  1. Visit Belem: Belem is an historical place located near the city center. There you can see beautiful monuments, walk along the river. Also there is one thing you can’t afford to lose if you are visiting Belem, taste the “Pasteis de Belem”, these delicious custard tarts will keep delighting tourists and locals for years to come.
  2. Lisbon Zoo: Here you can see a vast array of animal species, and many kinds of animals: scary ones, big ones, small ones, playful and funny ones. A great opportunity to get to know the wildlife and to have some fun in the process, especially if you have kids.
  3. The Nations’ Park: The Portuguese name of this facility is “Parque das Nações”, considered by many tourists a city within a city, this impressive building welcomes everyone and it is the stage for many shows and festivals.
  4. Gulbenkian Museum: This museum is one of the top destinations in Lisbon, thousands of tourists visit it each year. It is not only a museum with wonderful pieces of art; it also houses important events such as festivals, ballet shows, and symphonies. It is a quite good place where you can spend hours of entertainment at the same time observe and enjoy the art within this amazing touristic spot.

Of course these are only some of the vast array of activities Lisbon has to offer you. Visit it and let yourself be amazed.

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