Top Destinations In Portugal For The Luxury Traveler

Portugal is one of the most popular countries that luxury travelers prefer due to the variety of destinations that they can choose from when planning a trip to the country. The country is known for its rich culture and architecture that dates back to the medieval era where castles and villages were spread all across the coastlines as well as the hillsides. It is also borders the Atlantic Ocean, which gives travelers an opportunity to relax on the beach while taking in the breathtaking view of the sunset, depending on their location. Among the popular destinations within Portugal there are some that are a cut above the rest and they include:

Royal Savoy resort

Royal Savoy

–  which is located in Madeira town, specifically in Funchal where it offers accommodation and other unique services to luxury travelers. The resort which has been awarded a 5 star has been set up by the beach and can be easily accessed from town which is within a short distance. It is also known for the exemplary service offered that is of high standard and the luxurious amenities as well. The main activities that travelers can get involved in when staying at the resort include exploring the surrounding scenery, relaxing by the beach, taking walks by the harbor and shopping at the markets around the area.

Hilton Vilamoura

–  which is in Algarve which is considered to be one of the best locations for those who love golf. The hotel is a well known golf and resort spa that attracts luxury travelers from around the world.  Often described as the embodiment of luxury in Portugal, Hilton Vilamoura has a spa that is approximately three thousand meters or more, making it the largest in the country. To accompany this lavish spa treatment is the abundance of beauty as well as relaxation treatments that are offered as part of the hotel package.

Vila Vita Parca

–  has one of the most breathtaking views among the top destinations in Portugal, as it has been built on a cliff, thereby giving a clear view of the sea. The resort which spreads across twenty two acres is well known for the many restaurants that are spread all across the resort thus giving visitors an opportunity to eat what they prefer. In addition, travelers are also given an opportunity to indulge in wines that have been collected from various parts of Portugal and stored in the resort’s wine cellar. Furthermore, the resort is ideal for those travelling alone or with children as there are many activities such as golf, horse riding and even a park for the children to enjoy.

Quinta da Casa Branca

–  is another ideal destination for luxury travelers that prefer to explore more of the countryside. The hotel which has been set up by a family and is under their management is best for travelers that tranquility. The activities that travelers can enjoy include spa treatments and a variety of water sports as well as big game fishing.

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