5 Great YouTube Videos of Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a beautiful location boasting diverse wildlife, stunning scenery and interesting history. It is the most popular tourist destination in all of Africa, and with so much to see and do it’s easy to see why.

Whether you’re going on a family holiday, romantic getaway or vacation with friends, Cape Town is a brilliant destination. If you’d like to get a taster of some of the interesting places you might like to visit, then check out these 5 great YouTube videos of Cape Town.

1) A Tourist’s Guide


This brilliant video is a complete breakdown of one tourist’s experience in Cape Town. He describes it as one of the most vibrant and beautiful places he has ever been in the whole world, which is a real tribute, as this traveller has certainly visited many wonderful spots.

The tourist explores many of the town’s top attractions including the beaches, vineyards and wildlife. The friendly and informative manner of the speaker in this clip is great, and the filming and video editing are seamless and professional. The video is also a very reasonable length, especially considering the amount of information that is packed in. 

2) A Brilliant Overview 

Set to lively and exciting music, this great video is made up of a variety of shorter clips put together. The variety is great, as it includes a lot of Cape Town’s must-see places.

It is also another video put together by a tourist, and while the footage itself may not be as professional as the previous video, it is certainly just as helpful. With these great clips captured as ‘home movies’, you can really get a feel of what Cape Town is like and how well it caters for visitors. 

3) 10 Reasons Why Cape Town is Amazing 


Andrew, a native of Cape Town, has created this great video that tells you all about why he thinks Cape Town is one of the best places in the entire world. From having one of the newest seven wonders of the world (Table Mountain) to the sheer amount of space and beautiful beaches on offer, Cape Town is a great place to visit.

With its simple points and clear structure, if you want 10 quick-fire sights to look out for in Cape Town, then this video will definitely be helpful for you. 

4) Penguins 

This video is dedicated to showing you the penguins that are native to Cape Town. You can see various people interacting and swimming with the penguins and, like an earlier video, is a compilation of clips put together with music.

There isn’t any narration in this video, but you don’t need any – the clips speak for themselves. The friendly and bright penguins happily swim alongside visitors who enjoy being up close to the interesting creatures they don’t normally see at home. What better way to spend a day in Cape Town then swimming with these fabulous penguins?

5) Birds Eye View


If you prefer experiences from the sky, then why not look into taking a helicopter ride over Cape Town? These are very popular among tourists, and if you want to know exactly what you’re paying for, then this video will show it all.

A 30-minute helicopter ride has been reduced to a 2 minute 45 second summary in this film. After you’ve watched the video and experienced some of the views you would get to see, the tourist describes the event as ‘incredible’ and highly recommends others go on it – so why not give it a try?


Cape Town is a beautiful location that is a great place for going on holiday. If you’re thinking about going there, these great videos will give you an insight into what you might expect and experience on your trip. They may also help you decide how you want to spend your time, and what attractions you want to visit the most.

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Video Credits: ResetLiveGrow, Amien Phillips, Andrew Brauteseth, Gawie Van Blerk and pausethemoment.

Image credits: Meraj Chhaya and eGuide Travel

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