It’s Far From Grotty In Lanzarote!

If you are planning a trip to Lanzarote you’re in for a real treat. Blessed with wonderful weather and beautiful scenery you will find so much to explore. One of the more tranquil Canary Islands, Lanzarote is a haven for tourists looking for a varied holiday. There really is something for everyone and it’s a popular choice with families for that reason. Here are some of the attractions you won’t want to miss out on:

Montañas del Fuego

Translated as the Fire Mountains, these breathtaking dormant volcanoes are a stark reminder of just how much impact the eruptions of 1730-1736 made on the island. They are wild and beautiful and high on the list of every visitor’s wish-list of things to see. You’ll learn a lot about volcanoes and much more about Lanzarote’s rich history at the Visitor Centre which is open for visitors daily during peak seasons.

Fundación César Manrique

César Manrique is an artist who is revered in Lanzarote. Everywhere you go you will see his work displayed – even on many of the roundabouts! His influence is everywhere and this is the base from which you can find out more about him. Lanzarote is famous for its complete lack of advertisement and large multi-national corporations. You won’t find a MacDonald’s anywhere on the island! This is largely due to Manrique’s passionate campaigning that Lanzarote should retain its natural beauty and character without succumbing to the tourist advertising that some of the other Canary Islands have. The inhabitants of Lanzarote are incredibly grateful to him for preserving their rich culture and take great pleasure in celebrating him!

Playa Blanca

On the southernmost tip of the Island you’ll find an area called Playa Blanca – translated as white beaches. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty and you will lose days exploring the many wonderful beaches and coves to be found. You’ll find several charming cafes and coffee shops too. Although it’s extremely popular with the tourists it’s still not hard to find your own little bit of solitude amongst the dunes and coves.

Puerto del Carmen

Probably the most popular spot for tourists on the island is the beautiful town of Puerto del Carmen. Well-equipped with shops, bars and restaurants, you’ll find everything you need there. The town is heavily reliant on its tourism and welcomes visitors with open arms – you’ll be greeted with a very warm welcome.

Water Sports

Lanzarote is a hit for anybody that is into their water sports. Due to its location, it cops a fair amount of wind which means it’s pure heaven for sailors, water skiers and scuba diving. There are plenty of places where you can hire boats and water skis along with wetsuits and all the other bits and pieces you will need.

You won’t be able to help falling in love with Lanzarote once you’ve visited and you’ll find it hard to leave. It is natural and unspoilt and by far the best way to explore it is by renting a car – ultimate freedom!

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